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Hillary Clinton RAGES; Tells Biden to not issue ‘Any conditions’



Hillary Clinton RAGES; Tells Biden to not issue 'Any conditions'
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Two-time loss challenger Hillary Clinton warned Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden not to “in any conditions” award Trump’s victory as a result of Republican attempts to impede the vote count.

In an interview with The Circus on Showtime, Hillary accused the Republicans of attempting to “measure” absentee voting in order “to achieve a slim edge at electoral reform.” Without any facts, she alleged that Republicans “have done everything they could to sabotage the vote in primary elections in Wisconsin earlier this year.”

“But because the courts had allowed missing votes to be counted because they were released on election day, there were still big races won by the Democrats,” Hillary Clinton said incorrectly. reports: While Republicans supported the initiative of Democratic Governor Tony Evers to mail an absentee ballot application to almost every elector in the state, over 80 percent of the GOP members of the Wisconsin Legislative voted via email in April.

In May Wisconsin Senate leader Scott Fitzgerald said he rejected the mail of absent-minded residents if they did not “mop up” the voters’ register, mostly if of their campaign.

“Wisconsin’s automatic polling, absentee-free voting, early vote in person, and polling on election day make it safer for voters to vote in Wisconsin than in other states,” says Fitzgerald, who eventually voted himself away in April.

Although Democrats were eager to press for mail-in in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, several Republicans cautioned that voting by mail could open elections for mass bribery or trigger ballots to be sent to dead and wrong. Some Democrats have been prompted by Republicans to accuse the GOP of electoral suppression.

“We will have our own teams to fight the bullying that Republicans and Trump will bring outside the polls,” said Clinton, asking voters to become campaign workers in November.

“Joe Biden will not consent at all because I think this will be going on because I think he’ll win because we don’t yield an inch even if we’re as centered because unrelenting as it is on the other side,” she then said.

Clinton, too, admitted the significance of the electoral college earlier in the interview, adding, “You might win 3 million votes more and, you know, not get elected thanks to the election college.”

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