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Mayor Wheeler Allows Portland to Burn because he has ‘nothing to lose’ in his opinion



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Unlike many of the mayors of the United States, Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland was revealed at wrong time as the wrong guy in the wrong place. Under heat, he’s not cool. He’s not the man or woman you want in your foxhole as it comes true. He isn’t a dictator. He doesn’t. His decision has proven well short of what is required in a time of crisis.

Ted Wheeler, Portland Mayor, is a liar.

OPB states that he had made a mistake when Wheeler should have provided support for Portland. Yet it was weak leadership that caused disruptions to ruin his city and identity.

Mayor Ted Wheeler had an idea in late July that he wanted to end the constant clashes in Portland between demonstrators and police.

Sonia Schmanski, a top advisor, wrote that she had a “high risk” strategy, but that the city had “much to lose.”

Speaks like someone with no connection to reality. “Nothing to lose.” Even talked like a political leader that never worked or handled anything beyond the cozy limits of the government with unlimited reserves of capital from everyone else.

Look like his story. Wheeler never ran a company he hadn’t inherited because anyone else developed it better than him. He never belonged to a single church. He never served in the army. He’s the dream kid with a civic investment fund. He has no practical background in the real world, but he thinks he’s a decent guy who knows how horrible everybody else is. He did nothing, he doesn’t know anything, he inherited it all, and he simply lets the city that made the mistake to make him burn around him.

If you are a citizen of portland whose life has been threatened and your neighbourhoods and home are faced with protests by people with whom it is difficult to be “weeked” enough, you have a family company that is no longer able to work or you are a city cop that has been demonized and demoralized because you are seeking to do good for your society.

And it was. It was. Since almost three months, Portland has experienced destructive protests straight. Nobody in their right mind will pass, vacation, or take roots there now.

There are consequences to come.

Businesses inform Wheeler that he’s wrong with “nothing to lose” in the city.

There are figures that tell a darker, more troubling tale for Greg Goodman, Co-Chairman of the downtown planning group: the number of companies that relocate out or settle beyond the central district of Portland.

“The number of people in downtown industry in 42 years is like none I saw,” Goodman said in a letter he sent to Mayor Ted Wheeler and the leaders of the City Council of Portland …

He said in his letter that their absence had nothing to do with the Black Lives Matter protests, “but it has everything to do with the lawlessness that you support downtown.”

Is Mayor Wheeler still persuaded that Portland “doesn’t fail” because it encourages protests to take the streets, target cops, target the federal government, spray graffiti all over the area, fly feces at people, and all the time?? Since losing control of public safety at the fundamental stage, Portland could ruin its economy. Such corporations and the fees Wheeler had agreed to pay to his favored political organizations would not return.

Forever. Forever.

What does the mayor who killed a town feel? Wheeler wonders if he has made his way back to life. As does Mayor Steve Adler and Mayor Jenny Durkan in Seattle. New York is saved by Bill de Blasio, but it’s a losing cause. We failed to ruin their communities. The only question is, do you know what you did?

At least in Austin, about 20 candidates ran for the clown council of the city to replace them and reversed their impact. In Portland, Wheeler’s biggest competitor comes much closer to the antifa than it does.

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