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How to Get perfect eye makeup with ShadowMoon: The Beauty Tool that will be your newest makeup essential



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Eye Makeup: Fortunately, I’ve just come across the beauty tool of dreams, which has changed the game for my beauty routine forever – ShadowMoon Reusable Shadow Shield. The most popular beauty gurus mention shadow shields as one of the key makeup tips.

This is not a kind of weird Pokemon reference.  ShadowMoon Reusable Shadow Shields are little products that are made to stop your eyeshadow fallout from ruining the rest of your makeup if you do your face before your eyes. We’ve all been there whether achieving the winged-eyeliner or precise eyeshadow shading. And if your face doesn’t look like a hot mess at the end, you deserve a reward!

Luckily, now we have eye makeup shields. Although I don’t usually do my face makeup before I do my eye makeup, I am terribly messy at my eye makeup anyway. I always end up with a ton of fallout, especially on a more dramatic or darker eye.

So when I discovered these little guys, I had to know if these shadow shields could truly solve my makeup problems.

ShadowMoon’s Shadow Shields are reusable. ShadowMoon is specifically designed with a grip so you can hold it under your eye while working on your makeup. Moreover, you can use the same on each eye so you actually only need one shield.

Put against a cheekbone, a ShadowMoon Reusable Shadow Shield can work as a guide for eyeliner flicks and wings as well. Super easy to use yet extremely effective!

Why ShadowMoon Reusable Shadow Shield?

You can see beauty bloggers using shadow shields in virtually any makeup tutorial. Today, this product is a fantastic yet usual addition to every makeup lover’s beauty arsenal. However, with such diversity, it is hard to find a reusable eye makeup shield that truly eliminates messy “raccoon eyes” caused by applying eye makeup. I have chosen the ShadowMoon Reusable Shadow Shield thanks to the following features:

  • Save Money

As I no longer need to stock up on disposable eye makeup shields, I can spend the money on trying other makeup products.

  • Reusable

I am a huge eco advocate, so if a makeup product reduces waste, I’m living for it.

  • Stop Sticking

Unlike other makeup shields, ShadowMoon has a grip to hold under your eye, so no sticky adhesive is required.

  • Perfect Application

ShadowMoon Shadow Shield helps me with achieving a perfect eye makeup application, especially if I’m running late. As they act as a guide for eyeshadow and eyeliner application, makeup has never been easier.

  • Easy Clean

They are made from Food Grade Silicone so it is easy to clean this beauty tool. Soap and water or makeup brush shampoo work perfectly.

  • Compact

As they are of compact size, they don’t take up much space and are easy to carry around.

  • Soothing

I keep my ShadowMoon Reusable Shadow Shields in the fridge and enjoy an under-eye cooling effect.

The Bottom Line

ShadowMoon Reusable Shadow Shield have become an essential part of our makeup regimen. ShadowMoon Reusable Shadow Shield eliminate shadow fallout easily, thus becoming a time-saving secret weapon. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you’re missing out!

You can shop for ShadowMoon Reusable Shadow Shield here.

FAQS For EYE Makeup:

1- What is eye makeup called?

Ans: Eye shadow is a cosmetic that is applied on the eyelids and under the eyes. It is commonly used to make the wearer’s eyes stand out or look more attractive. Eye shadow can add depth and dimension to one’s eyes, complement one’s eye color, make one’s eyes appear larger, or simply draw attention to the eyes.

2- Can you put the foundation on eyelids?

Ans: Never put concealer or foundation on your eyelids as a base, it will cause your eye makeup to crease. Use your fingers to apply your foundation if you want sheer coverage and a brush for medium to full coverage. … Prep lids for any eye look with a matte base shadow that matches the lightest part of your face.

3- Why is eye makeup attractive?

Ans: Mascara, eye shadow, and eyeliner: Cosmetic surgeon Adam J. Scheiner, M.D. says that because women naturally have more color variation around their eyeseye makeup enhances that and makes them look more attractive. You also can use these cosmetics to increase the perceived size of your eyes so you look younger.
Ans: Eyelid tightening can be performed on either the upper or lower lids, or both. Sagging eyebrows are resolved using Ultherapy®, an FDA approved ultrasound treatment, for lifting and firming the brow line. Ultherapy® can also be used to tighten and firm the skin around the eyes when only mild improvement is needed.

5- Why do people put concealer on eyelids?

Ans: Women often swipe foundation or concealer over their lids to minimize darkness and to create a base for their shadows and liners.

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