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Endorse Biden For President almost 500 National Security Experts



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Almost 500 experts at national security-civilians and former senior uniformed officers-endorsed the president’s appointment by Joe Biden, saying “the present president is not responsible for his office’s huge duties.”

The 489 national security experts included 22 four-star officers addressed to “Our fellow citizens.” President Trump never responds by name to the message.

The letter signed includes retired Gen. Paul Selva of the Air Force, who later last year retired as Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, the officer of the Pentagon No. 2. For comment, Selva could not be reached immediately.

Another is former Vice Admiral Michael Franken, who retired in 2017 and was ineffective in Iowa this year.

Gen. Peter Chiarelli was also there before he retired in 2012, serving as Army No. 2 officer.

Chiarelli said he’s never been interested in politics until now in an interview with the NPR.

The “attacks” of the president and the “failure to lead,” he said, particularly on a response to the coronavirus, are a real challenge for the republic I think the present administration is. It “makes me ill,” Chiarelli said that the President has politicized the wearing of masks to prevent the virus.

I thought I was supposed to stand up and be counted, “he added.

The former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage who worked on George W. Bush, as well as Political stalwarts, for example, Susan Rice, former State Secretary Madeleine Albright, and former Pentagon official Michele Flournoy have signed the document. Some are also included in this document.

Last week 235 senior military leaders endorsed the letter of the president in support of Trump and said he was a ‘solid supporter’ of the military and the veterans.

“Joe Biden’s military record and his veteran’s record is one of the failures: weakening budget cuts, lacking foreign policy decisions and failure to provide quality healthcare to our nation’s heroes,” the letter reads.

Among those signed: the Navy Chief Officer until 1982, and the U.S. Navy Commander in Europe, Adm. Thomas B. Hayward, and retired Adm. Leighton Smith in the 1990s.

The pro-Biden letter is likely to arrive when the Trump campaign publishes his messages, says Peter Feaver, a civilian-military specialist at Duke University.

The amazing thing about the letter that supports Biden, he adds, is that “those people on the lists worked under President Trump in high positions and are thus likely to respond first-hand to what they saw, not just at a distance.”

And Feaver says that all of this will lead to a continued politics of a nonpartisan military.

“This has an inevitable politizing effect upon the process of senior military appointment when a senior Military leader is like Admiral [William] Crowe had done in 1992 against President George H.W. Bush.”

In addition to ex-high civil officials, generals, admirals, several retired senior staff, including Sgt. Maj. Sean Baker and Sgt. John Estrada, sign a pro-Biden letter.

First, the COVID-19 pandemic “has shown that America requires leadership that is philosophy, wise, and accountable. As President Harry S Truman said, America needs a president who can recognize that ‘the buck ends here.'” ”

Echoing Trump’s coronavirus statement, the letter says, “It is hard to believe that (Biden) will utter the word ‘I’m not at all liable.'” ”

Biden states in the letter that he is ‘the leader our nation needs’ and ‘a good man with a strong sense of right and right.’

The letter says that the “disdainful attitude and failure to act” of the President continues “unabated” climate change, as does the North Korean nuclear program, in addition to the coronavirus response given by the Trump White House.

It is a reference to intelligence reports that Russians were paying to targeted US service members in Afghanistan to the Taliban while Pentagon officials still maintain that they are updating those reports. They are not just a warm-hearing, they are not.

The letter also contains the White House since there was not enough funding for NATO, the Kurdish allies in fighting ISIS, and Japan and South Korea.

Hundreds of U.S. troops were taken out of Syria by the President to allow Turkey to travel and attack Kurds, angry at the U.S. troops who operated on the ground to defeat ISIS.

‘Joe Biden is never going to sell his allies to apologize to despots for his dislike of an allied leader.’

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