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In California Mexican firefighters arrive to help fight wildfires



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Mexican firefighters in California help fight the record wildfires that ravage the state.

Firefighters from the Mexican National Forestry Committee were accepted on Wednesday by U.S. Forest Service in California.

“Fires have no limits, fires have no languages or cultures; at the end of the day, when it comes to the fight against fire, we all talk the same language,” said Eduardo Cruz, National Fire Director of the Mexica Department.

The Mexican crews contribute to the battle against the Sequoia Complex Fire, covering 144,000 acres and comprising just 35% as from Thursday.
Tony Scardina, Deputy Southwestern Pacific Regional Forester of the United States Forest Service said “We’re proud to have them here.”

This month, after the US Forest Service requested additional assistance through the National Interagency fire centre, Canada also sent firefighting crews to California and Oregon.
California has at least 23 fantastic fires, while in Oregon there are 12 more. About 3.4 million acres in California have been burnt – the worst in the history of the state. Oregon has burned 938,000 acres.

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