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Trump unveils the blueprint for healthcare, signs the order to safeguard current conditions



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President Trump unveiled on Thursday a long awaited healthcare package that seeks to secure Americans under current circumstances and end surprises and implement more affordable public alternatives, according to President Trump.

This measure is taken as trump’s government attempts to revoke Obama Care in the Supreme Court after it has taken the main resources of law enforcement, the individual mandate, away from the punishment for not being covered by the Congress.

To abolish this could lead to 20 million US people losing their health care, but only after the election will the argument be heard.

Trump told of the “America First Health Care Initiative” at an event in Charlotte, NC, that “we’re providing quality health coverage at much lower costs and working to ensure that Americans have access to the services they need.”

In compliance with the first executive order, health insurance providers have to cover any condition that preexists for all consumers.

President Barack Obama ‘s proposal is now a clause that prohibits insurers from discriminating against Americans under pre-existing conditions, officially known as the Affordable Care Act.

However, Trump argued that the GOP was the new healthcare party when it railed against ObamaCare as a “terrible scheme” that increased premiums.

Trump said slamming the initiative of health care Joes Biden, “whose effect will be the fair treatment of the Americans, a rejection of options and waitlists.” “The Democrat is always complaining about this, and yet pre-existing conditions are much better for us than they are for them.”

“Today ‘s historic action involves the first ever Management Order to announce that the United States government official policy is to safeguard patients with prior disabilities, so we’re officially making it,” he said.

The commander-in – chief named his proposal “the three pillars,” the second offering more flexible plans than his predecessor ‘s plan to be 60 percent cheaper.

“Over 50 percent of countries nationally provided single-insurance policies in their respective markets when I took office,” said Trump.

“More than 90 per cent of the counties, beginning next month, will have many choices, which is a real difference,” he added, announcing that small businesses will now be allowed to give their workers more affordable options.

“There are major choices which had not existed before we took office, and millions of Americans would be able to buy on individual markets through significant expansion of insurance reimbursement schemes.”

The second choice is legislation to end billing surprises and to encourage transparency of prices on hospital procedures.

“American patients are done with the tearing days,” he promised.

Secretary of the Health and Human Services Secretariat Alex Azar questioned if the administration had legal authority to do so by means of executive order: “We would either negotiate with Congress or to defend it.”

However, once the affordable care act is imposed by the Supreme Court, Trump’s Executive Order would not have the weight of an actual legislation.

Azar accused those with pre-existing conditions of being covered by ACA, meanwhile, of a “failure.”

“If you’re a couple 65 in Missouri who make $70,000 a year and you have a $12,000 deductible, ObamaCare would cost you $30, 000 in premiums. I ‘m sorry, your pre-existing condition isn’t affordable, “said Azar.

“To truly look after your current condition is an insurance card you can not afford to use,” he said.

In the first term of Trump’s treatment , health treatment has emerged as a major concern and signed a Management Order in July reducing prescription medication prices.

He also revealed on Thursday that his administration would send medicare cards filled with $200 to more than 33 million to assist them in paying for their prescription drugs.

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