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Different Types of Coloured Pencils and Practical Tips for Buying Coloured Pencils



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The children’s world is a very lovable world. Playing with a variety of fun tools is one of the great pleasures for children. These fun items include toys, crayons, coloured pencils and other things that children are very interested in. Of course, we must say that the use of coloured pencils is not only for children, and many people use this efficient tool because of their work in the field of painting.

However, the use of coloured pencils, in addition to the growth of children’s creativity, gives a very beautiful and special effect to the design and painting drawn by adults. If you are going to buy this device; You need to know a few tips about buying it, stay with the list of twenty to offer you these tips.

Types of coloured pencils:

Faber castell crayon: This crayon belongs to Germany, their material is oily, it has attractive and happy pigments, this model is difficult to crush and has good quality.

Prisma Colour crayon: This model is made in the United States, because the material used in them, which is wax, has a very good fading rate. Ozark, Palomino, Chico and models are also among the models in the market.

Important and practical tips when buying coloured pencils:

If you are a beginner in painting, we suggest you buy pencils that are not expensive. Because cheap crayons also meet your needs. There are different types of coloured pencils in the market from 6, 12, 24 to 120 colorus, and 200 Faber Castell coloured pencil for drawing. Do not forget that you can also buy coloured pencils individually. But if you are a professional painter, it is better to buy quality polychrome coloured pencils of Faber Castell model.

Pay attention to the portability of the crayon, buy a crayon that does not take up too much volume and can be easily moved.

Make sure the colour order is complete and ask the seller to open the box for you.

Dear ones, note that you cannot use coloured pencils on glossy paper, for this you must use papers that can be coloured.

Pay attention to the shape of the pencil. The variety of models in making the appearance of coloured pencils is high. From flat body to hexagonal and octagonal. Before buying, take a sample of each of them, feel comfortable with each of them, proceed to the purchase.

Make sure that the crayon door is completely closed so that it does not break and all the crayons are lost. Especially if you have a small child at home and you do not want to show him pencils. Because the easy opening of the crayon box is dangerous for your beloved child.

Home education for children made possible

With the current situation in place, a lot of parents prefer their children to study from home which can also be frustrating tasks. The first thing you need to make sure that your children can have a productive days in learning from home is that providing them with the best and quality learning form home tools . Of course, you want to give more incentives to your children to make them feel that they have got everything they need to make their situation more pleasant. Surprise them with new educational items from cute pencils to coloured papers and everything makes them connected to the school.

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