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Kris Jenner accused in complaint by the Bodyguard of sexual assault and the specifics of alleged misconduct as claimed by Kris Denies



Kris Jenner accused in complaint by the Bodyguard of sexual assault and the specifics of alleged misconduct as claimed by Kris Denies
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Kris Jenner is accused of tackling a new case against a former bodyguard.

In the legal documents of a man who said in May 2017, he has been assigned as safety for Kris and Kourtney Kardashian, the allegations against the Kardašan Matriarch are detailed. In the case, the defendant was called Kourtney.

According to the papers seized from The Blast, the guy who called his race African American, sued Kris’s “pattern of unwanted and improper sex advances and other harassing misconduct” for sexual assault, assault in the workplace, racial discrimination, and discrimination against genders.

The survivor alleges in this case that KUWTK’s sixty-four-year – old momager “had an unsatisfactory, improper and sexually unsuited physical interaction with the applicant.”

The guard pointed out that he worked in Calabasas, California, for a “private safety centre,” and that his chain of command was a “joint venture” among Kris and his firm.

During the course his tenured with the Kardashians, he said that Kris “repeatedly and regularly brought her body into intimate physical contact.” He charged in the complaint “a pervasive and disturbing pattern of sexual assault and gender discrimination.”

The case further detailed alleged remarks made to the plaintiff about his “overt sexual behaviour” and implies “engagement into a romantic, sexual relationship.” This involves a review of his “sexual conduct.”

Further detailed the lawsuit, including: “Massage without permission [his] stomach, shoulders, guns and back, caused your hand to stand on the [his] thigh or groyne, causing your pelvis to frolic [his] back and/or rear end, causing your hand to come into contact with [his] rear end without permission or approval,” and

The man also said that he “explicitly told” Kris to “stop and discontinue” the wrongdoing, saying he had notified his security firm in vain of the HR department.

In addition to the allegations of sexual assault, he argued that he was discriminated against on his race’s grounds by claiming that he “went on routine to be discriminated against on the basis of [his] race,” alleging “pervasive and cruel scoffing, abuse, harassment and otherwise humiliating mistreatment of defendants by [his] race.”

Moreover, he said he was retaliated, after sharing his concerns, that the family started targeting his character with “false allegations of a misbehaviour” and “true” lies because he was “delayed,” but he stayed working with Kourtney until he eventually fired on the 12th of September 2018. He said he had been “suspended” from working with Kris. He then filed a lawsuit with the Equal Jobs and Housing Department immediately on the incident.

In reply, Kris argues all this is incorrect and threatens to sue for “miscarriage” the former security guard.

“The nonsense allegations that Kris had” poor met “with him and he was” caught sleeping repeatedly on the job in his car, “Kardashian’s attorney Marty Singer said vehemently,” Kris Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian reject absurdities as fully invented and fabricated fictions without a shred of reality to them.

“My guard never complained about Kris before the employer fell short of this absurd argument,” continued Singer. Although Kourtney was identified in the trial, neither she nor the guard was accused of doing anything wrong. It is outrageous that anybody in the United States can sue somebody and think there is no recourse to fictional and unworthy reasons.

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