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New parents! The Relationship Timeline of Nicki Minaj and Kenneth ‘Zoo’



New parents! The Relationship Timeline of Nicki Minaj and Kenneth 'Zoo'
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Nicki Minaj found love in which her fans anticipated it least. In December 2018, the rapper lifted her gaze as she visited Kenneth “Zoo” Petty, a sex offender.

Since then, the married pair have been unfazed by their whirlwind romantic backlash in October 2019. She also fancies the journey of the pair to love with pda-full photos and videos and defended Petty from Instagram critics.

The native Queens – who has previously given birth to Safaree Samuels, Meek Mill and Nas – has long wanted to make a family living.

“I’d be upset, as a woman, if I’m done with my fifth album and I didn’t get a kid by then, no matter how much money I have, because I think I’m being put to be a mother here,” she told Complex in December 2014. “I certainly postponed a wife’s thing because in my business, I don’t want people. But I probably will be married before I get my son. I’m not going to do it on a hard copy. In this order, I’d like to make sure I do it. Since I was young, I have always felt like that; my mother always put it in my head. I will at least be on Baby No. 1, probably Baby No. 2 by the fifth song. I will have walked down aisle. We have five hundred million dollars.

This said, Minaj made it clear, that she never relys on a guy. “Something clicked on me as soon as I knew that in reality I could live, breathe, eat , sleep and walk and talk without a boyfriend. I’m a youngster who doesn’t require a man for money. In July 2018, She told Elle that I don’t need a man for the job. “I never needed to beat f – k. For a record deal, I never had to f – k. Those stresses, I don’t have. If I want to, I get up, shop if I want to.

Check out a time schedule of the relationship between Minaj and Petty so far.

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