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Why was the McMillian episode omitted from My 600 Lb Life?



Why was the McMillian episode omitted from My 600 Lb Life?
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After the decease of My 600 Lb Life star Coliesa McMillian last week, Coliesa’s social media accounts have overtaken her family with a spirit of encouragement. But TLC appears to have pulled from circulation the Coliesa McMillian episode for reasons not yet revealed — the episode of Season 8 is no longer available to air.

The My 600 Lb Life fan group was saddened by Coliesa ‘s death from kidney failure and the complications of the procedure. Unfortunately, Coliesa, who spent all of 2020 in hospital and in critical shape, marked the end of a traumatic year. Indeed, when her episode My 600 Lb Life premiered last year, she was in a medically induced coma. It was only after a ruptured suture and the resulting sepsis after her gastric sleeve operation that we found out that she had to be stayed for 6 weeks.

However, after they learned about her passing, fans who wanted to revisit her weight loss journey are without an outlet. Any point within the past week has been deleted from TLC ‘s website from the My 600 Lb Life Coliesa McMillian episode. From Episode 11 (Jeanne Covey) to Episode 13 (Dominic Hernandez), the order for Stages 8 jumps immediately without any further clarification:

The episode in Coliesa is also gone from the mobile application of TLC. And the direct connexion that used to be active to the episode of Coliesa no longer works.

While eight members of My 600 Lb Life cast have died to date, the only one not available is Coliesa’s episode. (It should be remembered that Coliesa is not one of 10 Members of My 600 Lb Life who sued Megalomedia for fraud and negligence.)

TLC offered his sympathies on a tweet, after the Coliesa family had declared her death. “TLC is happy to hear about the loss of the storey shared with Coliesa McMillian on My 600 lb Life,” she wrote in a press release. “At this tough moment our deepest sympathies to her kin.”

In an associated note, the family of Coliesa has also announced that their fans will actually remain up on the support group page. Just after the death of Coliesa, the family announced it would delete the website, but otherwise, the overwhelming “love and support.”

This is the complete message of the family:

After the last couple of days and phone calls, I will keep my support page up. I will continue to offer love and support. However, I’m also making a real facebook profile. I don’t know all of you, but what love and help each one of you is great. It’s incredible. She didn’t realise how much she was all about. She was a kind of one, however. Her life means to others as much as it does to us, I think. But though her death will not be in vain, she will set the example for what will happen, even though it is too terrible that she is gone. We love each one of you and love them. Thank you so much. Thank you very much.

You can do so here if you want to accompany other fans to send a Support Message.

TLC and Coliesa McMillian ‘s family have been contacted about the removal of this episode, and we will update the article when we hear.

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