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What to Look for in an Online Cycling Clothing Website in the US



What to Look for in an Online Cycling Clothing Website in the US
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Be it as a leisure activity or daily commute, Americans love biking. With nearly 100 million bicycles in the country, a recent report reveals that about 12.5% of locals cycle regularly. The fact that the country’s bicycle market was worth over $6 billion by 2015 corroborates these claims. 

The country weaves a splendid web of cycling routes and mountain biking trails all across the landscape.

If you love the outdoors, nothing can beat a fun-filled cycling ride. But for a real biking experience, you need the right cycling apparels, such as those from Cycology USA, to keep you super comfy throughout your trip. 

While shopping online for your perfect cycling clothing, here are a few critical aspects you need to look for on the retailer’s online portal, to ensure you are investing in the right brand.

Cycling Apparels for Different Terrains

The US is a biker’s dream destination. The country has it all, from the Sam Vadalabene Great River Road Bike Trail in Alton, Illinois, the Little Miami Scenic Trail to the spin down the Hudson River Greenway.

While choosing cycling clothing, considering the biking destination is essential. Moab in Utah is one of the oldest mountain bike destinations, refusing to rest on their accolades. If you plan your cycling trips to such rough terrains, you will require outfits like mountain bike jerseys.

See if the website displays gears that are perfect for different biking tours, durable for the landscape you intend to explore.

Cycling Apparels for Different Weather Conditions

The weather conditions for bike rides are quite diverse across the country, each demanding varied bike clothing sets, to ensure your cycle rides are safe and enjoyable.

For example, in Northern California, rides are typically wet and cold in the winters. Experts suggest a long-sleeve jersey for insulation, thermal vest for wind protection, paired with tall wool socks and gloves, as part of your cycling outfit.

In contrast, Boulder in Colorado is one of the renowned cycling destinations in the country. It has incredible weather, experiencing over 300 days of sunshine throughout the year. In such weather, an undershirt, jersey, bib shorts and knee warmers are all you need; you can ditch your socks and gloves.

Check the website for quality cycling apparel that will keep you protected from the adverse weather.

Cycling Apparels for All

In the US, men make up for about 75% of bicycle trips, while women record 24%. However, the Twin Cities is an exception with the highest percentages of female cyclists in the US, between 37-45%. 

The reputed websites, like Cycology USA, offer cycling clothing collections for both men and women. From jerseys, t-shirts, shorts, gloves to socks, you will find pages dedicated to every biking outfit for each gender.

Confirm if the website has merchandise for both genders, rather than settling for a neutral fitting.

Size Guide

For an average American, the cycling clothing like jerseys and shorts come in XS, S, M, L, XL and 2XL sizes. 

A size guide will show you how to measure your chest, waist, hips and inside leg length size to find out your size range. 

Check if the online portal presents a detailed size guide for the cycling clothing essentials, with a size chart for each apparel.

Cycling Apparels for Cycling Competitions

The country hosts cycling races around the year. The Tour of California Race Experience happens in mid to late May. While the Dirty Kanza 200 occurs on the first Saturday after Memorial Day. And then there are other events like the Iditarod Trail Invitational in Alaska.

Every event requires the right gear set to keep you safe throughout the race and help you register a sure win. When you search online for cycling clothing, see if the website offers outfits that best suit your racing requirements. 

Latest Trends in Cycling Clothing

Frida Kahlo inspired vibrant colors of Mexican folk art, Bandana and Nirvana-styled jerseys and base layers are quite trending in the country’s cyclist circuits.

Make sure the website in question offers cycling apparels, in line with the latest trends raging in the market, making you look more stylish.

Tips to Pick the Right Cycling Apparel

The renowned websites feature blogs that are a source of much-needed information useful while choosing a biking outfit.

For instance, you can learn about cold-weather cycling kit, tips on managing your cycling gear and reviews on products trending in the cycle gear market.

Summing Up

This year, the cycling industry sales growth accelerated, up 75%, generating a staggering $1 billion in April. On the same note, the cycling apparel market is seeing an upward trend. Even amidst the pandemic, reputed online stores offer free shipping on orders over $30, with EXPRESS delivery FedEx 2 Day Service. Look for online stores that present plenty of quality options to make your biking excursion an experience of a lifetime.

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