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How to Boost Your Metabolism



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Is it a magical treatment for weight loss? Does it help build immunity? Will It have you more energized in your daily chores? Let’s find out!

Metabolism is the collective name of different functions of your body. Mostly, it is about the digestive activity and the process of getting energy from food. Metabolism is the process of the breaking down of food by your body. Whereas Metabolic Rate is the speed at which energy from food is utilized. And for these specific reasons, it has been in the keen interest of those who want to lose weight.

Metabolism And Weight Loss

Weight loss generally works by speeding up your metabolism, so you break down food much faster. And that can be done in two ways. Either by including several physical activities on your schedule to make a need for energy or eating fast-digestive food items.

Although the numbers on the diet factor for weight loss look promising, you are also losing muscle and bone density. The best-preferred practice for weight loss is to combine diet with a bit of physical exercise. As your body needs to use up more energy, it will break down food much faster and have energy readily available.

How To Improve Metabolism And Metabolic Rate

While the basic functions of your body use up most of the energy from food. Such as sleeping, breathing, eating, walking, etc. There are still a few tweaks that you can include in your routine to boost your metabolism. So let’s get started!

Add Proteins To Your Diet

The key to improving your metabolism is not about breaking down food much faster. But it is about getting quality energy from the food you eat. And what can be a better source of energy than protein?

Including a bit of protein to your daily meals will improve your metabolism. Experts recommend keeping as much as 30% of your meals to proteins and lean proteins. Proteins boost your metabolism by ten times as much as fats do.

It also benefits you by keeping you full for longer hours. Because having protein regularly in meals will give you ample energy to utilize.

Drink More Water

Ever thought about why every” health” lecture or class has a section reserved for water? Well, there is a good reason for it.

Carbonated and sugary drinks make up for more than half of our liquid consumption in a day. Whether it is popping Cola cans at night or enjoying juices during break time, we’re hooked on them. The extra sugar intake slows down your metabolism.

Now, if you substitute these beverages with a glass of cold water, you not only cut down on your sugar intake but improve your metabolism. Firstly, your body uses up some energy to regulate the temperature of cold water that you consume. And secondly, it also helps you eat with dedicated portions and prevents overeating.

Take Supplements

Surely the first thought to cross your mind for metabolism-boosting supplements in a CBD vape pen. But other supplements may prove to be equally helpful.

The one that I really prefer and include in my routine is whey protein. There really is nothing quite like it. I agree with how workout supplements as whey protein inspire activity and movement but isn’t that a good thing?

Exercise and workout can exponentially boost your metabolism. And more than that, it provides you with just the right dose of protein you want to consume in a day. Besides that, CBD Juul pods and CBD oil are considered good supplements to boost metabolism.

Get Moving

Whether you want to boost your metabolism for weight loss or to build up immunity, you have to get moving at some point. Exercise is the most important factor that helps you boost your metabolic rate.

Adding HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workout plans will help. Since these workouts focus on intense activity in a short time, they are bound to burn more fat and use up more energy. Moreover, endurance training, such as cardio too, helps boost your metabolic rate.

When you exercise, you provide all of your muscles with oxygen-rich blood. And because of the increased circulation, your body can burn more calories for energy needed. Working out may also affect your rest cycles, which is also essential to boost metabolism. Speaking of rest, let’s move on to our next point.

Get Enough Rest

If all the reasons in the world haven’t been enough to convince you to sleep more, this one just might. Under-sleeping causes your body to slow down metabolism and store more fat. So, if you’ve been thinking cutting down on sleep may be a good idea to drop weight, think again.

You must always strive to complete a minimum of 7 hours of sleep recommended by experts. However, oversleeping can be an equally serious concern as under-sleeping, so moderation is the key.

It is only natural to assume that your muscles and cells need rest after working out the entire day. On the contrary, not all cells rest when you rest, your body still breathes and burns calories. But resting reduces the stress on such organs and gives them enough time to recover.

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