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15,000 People Expected to Join “Worship Protest” Against Church Lockdowns



15,000 People Expected to Join "Worship Protest" Against Church Lockdowns
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Nearly 15,000 people are expected to meet in Washington , D.C. on Sunday. NBC News recorded for a “worship rally” against limits on religious gatherings.

Sean Feucht, a singer and former Republican Congressional candidate, will host the event as the final stop on his “Let Us Worship” tour, which NBC’s Evangelical Singer has brought throughout America.

Feucht started hosting “worship marches” after Seattle officials declined to allow him to hold an event in September. In The Federalist, he wrote an op-ed on why he was organising demonstrations, criticising the repression of religious freedom in several cities with strict restrictions.

“In unparalleled acts of government-authorized oppression, Christians are told that they can not assemble for worship, that they can not sing songs of praise, and that they can not obey church ordinances,” he wrote.

“In major cities across America, godless leaders are pursuing strategies that mimic more closely those of jihadist ayatollahs than men and women who are sworn to uphold the rule of law.”

Public health authorities have expressed questions about the gatherings as a result of a large number of people gathering. Feucht has a licence from the National Park Service for the Sunday event, and lists the Coronavirus Mitigation Plan , which involves crew masks and gloves, sanitation stations, and “a sign posted at the table where the Bibles will be distributed,” according to the Independent.

But the National Park Service will not mandate or enforce the use of masks or social distances, although it “strongly supports” these steps.

“[The National Park Service] reserves the right to revoke this permit immediately at any time if it appears to be held responsibly that the public meeting poses a clear and present danger to public safety, good order or health, or if any of the terms of this permit are breached,” the final permit states, according to the Independent.

Lawrence Gostin, a professor of Global Health Law at Georgetown University who advises the World Health Organization, told the Daily Beast that the incident was “disgraceful” and would “almost definitely” contribute to a super-spreading incident.

Nashville officials have threatened to issue “appropriate sanctions” against Feucht for violating the local coronavirus guidelines in the state earlier in October.

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