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Chelsea Handler Offers 50 Cent ‘Buckets of Cash’ if the Trump Dumps



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Chelsea Handler, a far-left comedian, is so desperate for 50 cents to avoid helping President Trump that she has promised to pay all his taxes if he drops his support for POTUS.

50 Cent made headlines last week after endorsing Trump’s re-election and calling on America to “vote to Trump” over Biden because of Biden’s planned tax increases.

“WHAT THE F—-! (VOTE ForTRUMP) IM OUT, “wrote the rapper in the caption.

“F — New YORK The KNICKS never win. I don’t care if Trump doesn’t like black people, 62 percent of you’re out of ya f — ing mind.

50 Cent doubled on his support for Trump the next day, writing on Twitter:

“Yeah, I’m not going to be 20cent. 62 percent is a very, very, very bad idea. I don’t like it, man! Biden’s tax strategy could see Americans making more than $400,000 a year reaching rates as high as 62.6 per cent for California residents and 62 per cent for New York City residents.

Handler immediately lashed out after 50 Cent ‘s public endorsement.

“You used to be my favourite ex-boyfriend,” said the 45-year-old comedian.

You used to be my favourite ex-boyfriend of mine. reports, “Oh my Goodness, this is [sic.] my love life now,” 50 Cent responded.

“@chelseahandler I love Gator, don’t let Trump and Joe Biden come between us as a girl.” In answer, Handler offered to pay the rapper ‘s taxes should he rethink his support for the president.

“Hey, f-ker!

I’m going to pay your taxes in return for coming to your senses, “Trump’s frequent critic wrote on Wednesday. “Fortunately! Black lives matter to you. This is you, f – ker! Remember that? Billboard notes that during his appearance on “The Late Late Show” last year, 50 Cent announced that he had declined a half-million dollar offer to appear at Trump’s inauguration in 2016, saying “all money isn’t good money.” The rapper, also an actor and businessman, seemed to be dreaming about his riches after his initial comment, posting a picture of himself smiling at Instagram.

“I just realised that I was bankrupt, so I’m looking for a kind loan that someone can support a brother out of here.

Paddy, “50 Cent, who filed for bankruptcy in 2015 and was released two years later, wrote in the caption along with a pair of hashtags used to plug his brands of alcohol.

In 2012, Forbes estimated that the value of 50 Cent was around $110 million.

google news
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