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Liberal Heads Erupt As Van Jones Tells CNN Trump ‘Positive Things For Black Community’



Liberal Heads Erupt As Van Jones Tells CNN Trump 'Positive Things For Black Community'
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CNN analyst and former Obama administration official Van Jones acknowledged on Friday that President Donald Trump ‘doesn’t get credit for the ‘positive stuff’ he did for African Americans.

Jones made a statement while offering on-air commentary during Jake Tapper ‘s daily CNN broadcast on Friday, and within minutes, angry liberals took Twitter to demand his dismissal.

Tapper started the segment by criticising Trump’s comments during Thursday’s debate, in which the president said he had done better for black Americans than all of his predecessors, with the exception of Abraham Lincoln.

Then Tapper played a clip of the debate.

In the debate, Trump says he’s the ‘least racist person in this room.’

‘Eight in ten black Americans believe Trump is a bigot, according to the Washington Post / Ipsos poll earlier this year,’ Tapper said.

‘Why does the President make those statements instead of admitting that he has said things that are insensitive, but that he wants to work on it? Jones answered that it was not the President’s character to admit wrongdoing.

He then turned to applaud Trump for doing ‘positive things’ to the black community.

‘I think it’s very sad because Donald Trump and I get beaten by the liberals every time I say it, but I keep saying it, he ‘s done positive things for the black community,’ Jones said.

‘Black college things, I worked with him on illegal stuff, I saw Donald Trump’s African American people, formerly imprisoned, in the White House — embracing them, treating them well.

‘There’s a side of Donald Trump that I don’t think he’s getting enough credit.’

But Jones said that Trump’s actions made it difficult for the public to give him credit.

‘But the reason he doesn’t do it is because he still says the most incendiary things, retweets white supremacists and breaks the number one law of blackness, which is, I don’t mess with people who mess with people I don’t mess with,’ Jones said.

‘In other words, I am not friends with people who are friends of my enemies.

‘And then the black community can admire some of the things they’ve done, but when they see him playing on Twitter with these white nationalist groups, it just wipes it all out.’

Although Trump called himself the ‘least racist person in this place’ on Thursday night, Democrat Joe Biden gave the exact opposite assessment in the run-up to the Nashville presidential debate.

‘Abraham Lincoln is one of the most racist presidents in modern history,’ Biden said.

Trump sought to tarnish Biden’s civil rights record by referring to his Senate vote in the 1994 crime bill, wrongly alleging that the former vice president had called black men ‘super predators.’

‘Nobody has done more for the black community than Donald Trump … with the exception of Abraham Lincoln, a potential exception, but with the exception of Abraham Lincoln, no one has done what I have done,’ Trump said, repeating the boast he’s been making all year, naming the president who ended slavery.

The President noted his record of funding historically black colleges and universities, signing the bipartisan First Move Act – a comprehensive criminal justice reform bill – and establishing so-called ‘possibility zones’ to improve minority communities.

Debate moderator Kristen Welker asked Trump about another aspect of his record – mentioning how he called the Black Lives Matter movement a ‘symbol of hatred.’

She also discussed how Trump posted a video of a man singing ‘white power,’ and how he lashed out at athletes who had taken their knees over racial injustice.

‘The first time I ever heard of Black Lives Matter, they were singing, ‘Pigs in a blanket,’ talking about our cops, ‘Fry them like a bacon,’ I said, ‘That’s a bad thing,’ said the president.

‘I felt it was a bad thing to do.’

Then he said, “I am the least racist in this place.”

Then Biden made fun of Trump’s Abraham Lincoln line.

‘He’s pouring fuel on every single racist fire,’ Biden said.

‘Each single human.’ ‘He began his campaign coming down the escalators that he was going to get rid of the Mexican rapists.

‘He forbade Muslims because they are Muslims.

The last time he was on stage, he said about the poor boys, he told them to stand up and stand ready,’ Biden said. The name of the party, Proud Boys, was missed by Biden.

In years past, Jones has insulted liberals by supporting Trump for his moves towards an overhaul of the criminal justice system.

It has also been revealed that Jones secretly instructed Trump administration officials to draw up an executive order aimed at reforming the police departments.

Jones is known to have ties to Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and senior White House advisor.

According to The Daily Beast, Jones was the occasional guest of Kushner’s dinner with his wife, Ivanka Trump, in their home in Washington, DC.

It was Kushner who introduced Jones to Kim Kardashian-West, a reality television star whose public lobbying by the president helped secure the release from gaol of Alice Marie Johnson, a 63-year-old black woman who was sentenced to life for drug trafficking ring involvement.

In June 2018, Trump reversed Johnson’s prison sentence after spending more than 21 years behind bars.

Trump welcomed Johnson to the Oval Office last August, where he signed a full presidential pardon.

Kushner was the driving force behind the First Move Act, which Trump signed into law after gaining bipartisan support in Congress.

The First Stage Act allows judges greater discretion in sentencing, relaxes mandatory minimum penalties and enables prisoners to engage in initiatives aimed at minimising recidivism.

The Trump administration has promoted the revision as a rare bipartisan attempt to resolve concerns that too many Americans have been gaoled for non-violent offences as a result of the drug war.

Jones lauded Trump for his actions towards changing the criminal justice system, while his remarks won him disdain from the liberals.

When Trump signalled his support for the overhaul of criminal justice in November 2018, Jones went to CNN and said, “I think you’ve got to give him some respect … I say 99 times that I don’t agree with the president and I’m going to give him hell.

‘But I’m going to give him a salute and applause on this one.’

Despite Trump’s support for the overhaul of criminal justice, African Americans favour his rival, Biden, overwhelmingly.

Jones was slammed by Trump’s opponents on Twitter.

One person tweeted on Friday in response to Jones ‘comments on CNN:’ Jeeesus, why is Van Jones still talking about something?

What an embarrassment. ‘Van Jones is a fool,’ said another Twitter user.

Another Twitter user tweeted, ‘Every time I think Van Jones has turned a corner, he’s disappointed.’

One Twitter user tweeted that they’re going to change the channel every time it appears on CNN.

Another Twitter user called CNN to shoot him.

‘The time for CNN to let Van Jones go,’ they said.

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