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Megyn Kelly’s Glowing Analysis of Trump’s Debate Liberal Outrages Everywhere



Megyn Kelly's Glowing Analysis of Trump's Debate Liberal Outrages Everywhere
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Although former Fox News and NBC News host Megyn Kelly received a thank you from President Donald Trump for his supportive appraisal of his debate, she did not receive the same response from the liberals.

“Trump has dominated this argument, handily. At all, Biden wasn’t a power. Trump was substantial, on-the-spot, well-tempered. He definitely helped himself when it counted the most, “Kelly tweeted after the second and final 2020 presidential debate on Thursday night.

“Thank you so much, Megyn! “The Trump replied.

Well, thank you, Megyn! https:/

During the debate, Kelly predicted that Trump’s “election numbers are going to increase.”

Trump was expected to carry this version of himself to Debate # 1 and insist on Debate # 2 channeling this version. His poll numbers are going to increase.

Actress Patricia Arquette responded to Trump’s assessment of winning by saying, “Do you have cancer of the windmill? I’m getting nervous about that.

Kelly shot back, “Nah, just don’t suffer from Trump’s Disease Syndrome, and you can still do a fair study. You wouldn’t understand that.

Nah, just don’t suffer from Trump’s Disease Syndrome, and you can still indulge in a rational study. You wouldn’t understand that.

Another Twitter user jumped in, responding to Kelly, “Fascinating to watch another woman completely subjugate herself to a man who brutally assaulted her publicly. I think that Ted Cruz has found a soulmate.

“Is Megyn begging to get her work back to Fox News? “Another one asked. “Because the pro-Trump propaganda she’s putting out is scary.”

Is Megyn begging to get her work back to Fox News? Because the pro-Trump propaganda she’s putting out is scary. Trump was atrocious in this debate – he lied pathologically as always, and his incessant desire to always get the last word was so ugly to watch. Biden has been polished & on the spot!

Last month, the former Fox News prime-time host debuted the “Megyn Kelly Show” podcast, which is currently ranked second in the Apple News commentary behind The Daily Wire’s “Enough.”

My thoughts on the new debate (and the 60 Mins Trump interview leaked) & excellent analysis from my guests @ericbolling, @krystalball & @esaagar

Upload, subscribe and review: https:/

Of course, Kelly and Trump had their famous “storm” during the 2016 election cycle, which began during the first Republican primary debate (and Trump’s first political debate ever) when they asked him about his past comments about certain women.

“You called women you don’t like fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and nasty animals,” Kelly started her query.

“Just Rosie O’Donnell,” said Trump, receiving his cheers from the audience.

Kelly countered that his remarks went beyond O’Donnell’s. She wanted to know how to react to Hillary Clinton ‘s accusation that she was part of the women ‘s battle.

“I think the major issue this country has is that it is politically correct,” Trump responded. “And honestly, what I say, and sometimes it’s fun, it’s kidding. We’ve had a nice time. What I’m doing is what I mean, and frankly, Megyn, if you don’t like it, I ‘m sorry.

“I was really good to you, but I may not be able to be based on the way you treated me.”

After the debate, Trump shot pitiful tweets about Kelly and from time to time in the months that followed.

Yeah, @megynkelly was really bombing tonight. People are going crazy with Twitter! It’s amusing to watch.

Trump decided to miss a debate in Iowa that Kelly moderated in January 2016.

The two buried the hatchet that spring, and Trump had a one-on-one interview with Kelly in May 2016.

She acknowledged in a tweet on Thursday night Trump’s compliment to NBC News White House moderator Kristen Welker.

Trump to @kwelkernbc “So far I have a great deal of appreciation for the way you do this.”

It seems like what Trump really needs is a fair shake, which any decent journalist should be able to give away.

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