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New Jersey Mayor captured the opening of food boxes for the hungry, swapping Trump’s letter with his own



New Jersey Mayor captured the opening of food boxes for the hungry, swapping Trump's letter with his own
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New Jersey Mayor Derek Armstead was caught opening government food boxes for the needy, deleting President Trump ‘s letters and replacing the letters with his own.

The Democratic Mayor wants his constituents to believe in the misleading media depiction of President Trump and his administration, while attempting to say that the food boxes came from his own office.

This isn’t just unethical, it’s unsanitary, too. But he’s a Democrat, though.

New Jersey Globe announced the following:

A letter from President Donald Trump accompanying the U.S. The Department of Agriculture of Linden’s fresh food box was replaced by a Democratic Mayor of the Area, Derek Armstead.

Local workers of the Public Works Department opened food boxes. Trump’s letter was replaced and Armstead’s letter was restored.

“The initial letter in these boxes was removed, and the mayor had city workers bring in his letter on working time,” said Councilwoman Gretchen Hickey, Democrat and Armstead’s political rival.

Armstead acknowledged that his message had been attached to the package, giving local people the feeling that the food had come from him.

“Whenever I deliver, I always add a letter from the mayor,” Armstead told the New Jersey Globe.

Trump claims that his administration has equipped 100 million Farmers with family food boxes since May as part of a campaign to provide healthy food to families in need.

Included in the package is a letter from Trump to the White House stationary providing instructions to minimize the risk of contamination with COVID-19.

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