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50 GOP Youth Organizations call on the Republican Senate to take action against the Big Tech



50 GOP Youth Organizations call on the Republican Senate to take action against the Big Tech
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A total of 50 Young Republicans, College Republicans and other conservative youth groups signed a letter calling on the Republican Senate to take meaningful action against the New York Post big-tech censorship of Hunter Biden’s hard drive.

In the letter, the groups slammed the actions of social media companies Twitter and Facebook as “consistent with Big Tech’s long record of exploiting their networks to support the political left.”

In particular, Twitter and Facebook blocked the publishing of the New York Post article on Hunter Biden’s hard drive, alleging that it was misinformation aimed at influencing the outcome of the election.

The letter called on Republican Senators to reverse Section 203 of the Social Media Site Accountability Regulation Act in order to keep them responsible for suppression of conservative political opinions.

“We call upon our legislators to urgently amend the protection of civil liability in order to safeguard political expression in particular,” the groups wrote.

They also called for more action by the administration against these social media firms to intervene in the 2020 presidential election, given that these firms are also heavily funding the Biden / Harris presidential ticket.

“We also call on the Department of Justice to investigate alleged breaches of electoral law by social media firms,” the groups said.

The time for action is long gone. The President and the American people are demanding that Big Tech be kept responsible for their actions. We represent a young generation of Americans calling on @SenateGOP to do their work and to uphold our rights. / zA9ZM1HCNA, please.

The letter was organised by the Arizona State University (ASU) College of Republicans United, the Bruin Republicans of UCLA and the Iowa State University (ISU) College of Republicans.

Signatories included the Republicans from Stanford University College, the Republicans from Notre Dame University College, the Young Republicans from Las Vegas and the Young Republicans from San Diego.

ASU College Republicans United President Rick Thomas called Democrats for their hypocrisy in defending social media firms.

“Democrats used to be the loudest opponents of ‘Corporate America’ trampling on ordinary American rights,” Thomas wrote. “These days, they’re nothing more than corporate advocates who defend crony capitalism.”

Similarly, Mark Ivanyo, the legislative director of Republicans for National Renewal, an advocacy group active in raising support for the letter, was critical of Republican Senators.

“This letter demonstrates that there is a growing movement among Republican youth for elected officials of our party to stand up to big tech giants instead of capitulating to their lobbyists,” Ivanyo said in a statement to the National File.

More Republican College and Young Republican organisations are scheduled to sign the letter in the coming days.

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