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Chuck Schumer begs the FBI Director of IGNORE Major Hunter Biden Scandal



Chuck Schumer begs the FBI Director of IGNORE Major Hunter Biden Scandal
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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is desperate to stop an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden‘s uncle, Hunter Biden’s ‘laptop from hell.’

The laptop shows sickening and explosive files, images and videos that threaten to kill the Biden campaign.

The contents of the hard drive indicate that the Biden family was active in shady foreign business schemes, which at the time leveraged Joe Biden’s role as VP.

But Senator Schumer maintains that an investigation would “undermine the rule of law.” reports: “We write about press reports about materials that are supposedly detailing the activities of Hunter Biden and found on a laptop in the Delaware repair shop,” the New York Democrat and fellow Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon wrote to FBI Director Christopher Ray.

“We are profoundly worried,” continues the Thursday letter, “about the possibility that, in reaction to these allegations, the Trump administration will take action before the election day to seek harm to the Democratic presidential candidate and to weaken the rule of law.”

The letter advises Wray ‘to avoid pressure from President Trump and other partisan actors to take any action intended to help President Trump politically on the eve of the election. Succumbing to such pressure would severely weaken our national security interests and the integrity of law enforcement and could have disastrous implications for the resilience of our democracy.

It is not clear how Schumer assumes that an investigation into a credible claim of misconduct will weaken the rule of law.

Just to be sure, President Donald Trump‘s campaign doesn’t need to do something about the laptop scandal — data found on the computer is already damning enough.

As the reputation of the data cache continues to rise, Biden and Democrats face even more pressure as Hunter Biden’s former business associates flip over the family.

Emails from a former partner tend to suggest that junior Biden traded on his father’s wealth and role.

The day before the final presidential debate between Joe Biden and Trump, another former associate came forward and further supported the suspected shady activities of the Biden family.

Although Schumer’s long-running effort to keep the contents of his laptop under wraps and away from the American people seems doomed to fail, he hints at what the lawmaker really feels about the right of American voters to recognize their candidates.

For the FBI, failing to prosecute the suspected Hunter Biden laptop would be a travesty of justice and would practically prove to the public that the federal law enforcement agency is hopeless.

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