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GoFundMe Removes Fundraiser For Right Wing Protester Who Has His Front Teeth Knocked Out By Antifa



GoFundMe Removes Fundraiser For Right Wing Protester Who Has His Front Teeth Knocked Out By Antifa
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Although the reason for the removal has not been identified, GoFundMe reportedly removed the fundraiser for Philip Anderson’s dental surgery.

The GoFundMe, organised by Adam Crigler, was withdrawn and all funds given back to those who contributed.

My gofundme was taken down for Philip. I just found out, and I don’t know why. I’m going to let you know more when I get home to my machine.

On Saturday, Philip Anderson attempted to hold a protest against Big Tech censorship in San Fransisco, California. The organisation behind the rally is known as Team Save America, and was set up by Anderson to combat big tech censorship.

According to a live interview with Anderson about Periscope, Anderson did not expect the amount of violence Antifa was able to commit against him. Anderson had several experiences with BLM and Antifa who burned down their own neighborhoods as he moved across the US to various locations affected by protests as an independent investigative reporter, but none of them led to blows.

This was not the first time, however, that an attack on Phillip was attempted. Another black Trump supporter who was believed to be Anderson at the time was stabbed to the rally just a few weeks ago. This was the first time in all these experiences that Anderson was physically assaulted.

Some had attended the protest, having been informed that there would be more protection available than the police, but sadly this was not the case. Team Save America Rally Organizers did not have an escape plan, and their only defense was pre-established barriers placed by local law enforcement authorities.

As Anderson saw a fellow nationalist attempting to fight his way through the barricade, Anderson jumped over the barricade and through the Antifa crowd to get him safely into the rally field. Anderson was struck twice in the face, resulting in two teeth being knocked out of his forehead.

In the footage of the attack, Antifa screamed after Anderson called him a racial slur.

Philip Anderson, leader of the free speech rally, hit the counter-protest and moved back into the barricaded area of UN Plaza in SF. Rally hasn’t begun yet. # ProudBoys # / NcNopIyDAX

The event should not have taken place, because the speakers because participants of the free speech were overwhelmingly outnumbered by Antifa and BLM, who had been talking about this event for weeks before.

Since the incident did not happen since what is being prosecuted as a hate crime against Anderson, several new sources, such as OANN and InfoWars, have shown the world what happened to Anderson. Within a matter of days, Anderson was de-platformed from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

When you go to Google Philip Anderson and San Fransisco, you have to click through the results pages before you find any post that doesn’t relate to the Team Save America rally as some sort of white nationalist campaign or news week that tried to equate the rally to the Unite the Right Rally that took place in Charlottesville.

As of this morning, the GoFundMe produced for Anderson has been deleted. The cause is still unclear, but Crigler, who created the fundraiser, believes that it is due to mass flagging and reporting by fellow Antifa members.

I can see what happened here. I was the only one to set this up for the record. Every penny for his Teeth would have gone to Philip. They’re banding together, and @gofundme took my fundraiser down. Nothing at all in this fundraiser was fraud. / Ovhw0xb0

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