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Trump Attacks Bureaucracy, Issues Executive Order Keeping Government Employees Accountable



Trump Attacks Bureaucracy, Issues Executive Order Keeping Government Employees Accountable
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President Donald Trump has signed an executive order to instill in the federal bureaucracy the “job or walk” spirit of the private sector.

The order is intended to overhaul the federal bureaucracy by introducing a new class of jobs called “Schedule F.” This would include “employees working in a classified, policy-making, policy-making or policy-making role that is not usually subject to change as a result of a presidential transition,” according to the White House fact sheet.

The Order itself, dated October 21, states that “efficient monitoring of employees ‘ performance in confidential, policy-making, policy-making or policy-making roles is of the utmost importance.”

However, this norm is not always met by the federal bureaucracy, the order states.

“Unfortunately, existing government performance monitoring is insufficient, as federal employees themselves have admitted. For example, the 2016 Merit Values Survey shows that less than a quarter of federal employees agree that their department successfully handles weak performers, “the order said.

“The separation of employees who can not or will not meet the required performance requirements is necessary and especially important for employees in positions of confidentiality, policy-making, policy-making, or policy-making,” Trump said in his order.

The order stated that the President was reacting to a need found by those who were trying to get work done in the light of the limitation of having workers in their workforce on which they could not rely.

“Senior agency officials complain that poor performance of career workers in policy-relevant roles has resulted in long delays and poor quality work for major agency programs, such as the drafting and issuance of regulations,” the order said.

The fact sheet that followed the order said, “Removing bad performers from these vital roles is time-consuming and challenging. The Government Accountability Office estimates that it takes 6 months to 1 year for Federal employees to be removed for bad results.

Do you think Trump’s order for federal workers was justified?

The order claimed that serving taxpayers requires good people in government.

“Given the sensitivity of the roles they perform, workers in such positions must show sufficient disposition, acumen, impartiality and sound judgement. In view of these conditions, agencies should have a greater degree of flexibility in the selection of such personnel than is offered by the current competitive service mechanism, “said the Order.

The fact sheet states that reclassified workers would be shielded from retribution against political affiliation.

Democratic Rep. Gerry Connolly of Viginia, chairman of the House Subcommittee on Government Operations, put a partisan spin on the order, according to The Independent.

He called it “another assault on federal workers that does not answer any of the problems that could hinder successful federal recruiting and recruiting.”

Connolly said that making it easier to rid the government of individuals was “a cheap step to let Trump’s administration replace talent and acumen with fealty and self-dealing.”

However, even liberal media outlets like The Washingon Post have reported the presence of anti-Trump blocs among federal workers, willing to obstruct the populist, small-government ideology of the president. An executive order that makes it easier for those workers to get out of work in the second Trump administration will make it easier to enforce even more of those conservative policies.

Months earlier, according to the Independent, then-deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley telegraphed the order by saying that Trump intended to remove “people in the bowels of the federal government working against this president” and promote “their own selfish political agenda.”

“It’s not a secret that we want people in places who work for this president, not against him, and too often we have people in this government — I mean, the federal government is huge, for millions of people — and there are a lot of people out there who are taking action against this president, and when we find them we’re going to take the right action,” Gidley said in January, according to the Independent.

Gidley is now the press secretary for Trump’s re-election campaign.

In one part, Trump’s executive order suggests that it may be a way to counter media leaks aimed at harming the administration:

“The Federal Government shall benefit from career professionals in roles which are not usually subject to change as a result of the presidential transition but which perform significant duties and exercise considerable independence in formulating and enforcing executive branch policies and programmes under the laws of the United States,” it states.

“The heads of executive departments and agencies and the American people also entrust these practitioners with non-public information that must be kept secret.”

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