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Trump Slams Sacha Baron Cohen, branding him “Unfunny Creep”



Trump Slams Sacha Baron Cohen, branding him "Unfunny Creep"
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President Trump is not a fan of Sacha Baron Cohen or his infamous ‘Borat’ Kazakh character.

British comedian Cohen made headlines this week about Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani in an awkward cameo in his latest film, “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm.”

Giuliani was fooled into a fake “interview” with an attractive, flirtatious young woman for a new mockery.

Breitbart says, “Years ago, you know, he was trying to cheat me. And I was the only one who didn’t say either way. This is a fake man. And I can’t find him amusing, “Trump told reporters onboard Air Force One Friday, The Sun reported. “He was a creep to me.”

The incident with Cohen took place about 15 years ago, Trump said, without going into any further specifics.

Cohen had a short interview with Trump in 2003 while dressing as his character Ali G. The false-British rapper had visibly irritated Trump about the prospect of investing in gloves to cover your hands while eating ice cream.

“I hope you make a lot of money,” Trump said before leaving.

The film was also confronted by critics in other corners, including author and financial analyst Nassim Nicholas Taleb, who derided the character as racist.

“Borat is almost the most racist film in history, blatantly degrading the # Kazakhstan pple[sic]. Yet many get ‘canceled’ for misusing a few words out of context. So Sacha Baron Cohen & Writers get a free pass to the ‘left’ because he targets Giuliani? “Taleb has written on Twitter. “I have visited Kazakhstan a number of times. Every time, the locals brought the subject and insisted that Borat was not representative, that it was unfair, that it caused a lot of harm, etc.

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