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Despite Calling a Lid on 4 Days Last Week, Biden Does It Again Just 9 Days Away from Elections



Despite Calling a Lid on 4 Days Last Week, Biden Does It Again Just 9 Days Away from Elections
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With just over a week to go until election day, the actions of President Donald Trump and his challenger, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, have given the Americans the clearest impression yet of the two candidates.

Trump knocked it out of the park on Friday, brokering a normalized relationship between Sudan and Israel.

The step follows a number of other home runs that saw the troubled Jewish nation develop diplomatic relations with other Arab states: the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

Just one day after Trump brokered peace between Sudan and Israel, Biden called a surprise cover for all activities.

Following a similar decision last week, in which Biden postponed events for four straight days leading up to the final presidential debate, he does not paint an image of a committed and competent leader.

And according to New York Times reporter Katie Glueck, for most of Sunday, Biden had no plans for activities.

Good morning from Wilmington, where Biden spends the day. I was in the pool. He attended the church and now has a lid on the day’s in-person campaign activities.

He’s expected to give remarks at a virtual concert tonight.

To be honest, strengthening stability in the Middle East is a difficult step to take.

Can the “lids” of Biden impact the election of the electorate on election day?

Biden’s canceled day comes in the wake of a series of concerns about his mental health and whether he and his family members have taken over his former position as vice president.

Hunter Biden, the son of the presidential nominee, has been released on a piecemeal basis in the last week.

Emails and other data tend to show Junior Biden’s rotten business transactions, some of which saw strategic U.S. manufacturing capabilities sold off to the People’s Republic of China.

Many of these transactions tend to be framed around Biden’s friendship with the vice president and other political elites, rather than the rehabilitation of crack addicts’ business prowess.

Hunter Biden leaks were smothered under a near-blackout from social media and news companies, ensuring that Joe Biden was largely able to scrape by without reporters holding him to account for the contents of the laptop.

Elder Biden’s retreat also does little to refute the conjectures regarding the state of his mental health.

The candidate’s erratic public appearance and strange gaffes have given rise to many now assuming that he suffers from a type of dementia or other cognitive decline.

Worries concerning Biden’s capacity to face the constant physical, mental , and emotional pressures of the presidency are definitely not put to rest by the unexpected lid of the former vice president.

With just a week left until November, America’s options should be crystal clear.

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