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EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: Democratic candidate Cal Cunningham Thrown Out of Family Home



EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: Democratic candidate Cal Cunningham Thrown Out of Family Home
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North Carolina Democratic candidate for the U.S. The Senate, Cal Cunningham, moved out of his family’s Raleigh home and now lives with his sister, according to photographs taken by Cunningham at his sister’s recently heard.

Rumors that Cunningham had been removed from his family home had flown after recently heard‘s Patrick Howley broke the news of his affair with the wife of a junior army officer earlier this month – an affair that breached military rules and set off an official U.S. Army inquiry as Cunningham is working as Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Reserves of the Army.

On October 2, Cunningham decided to exchange sexual text messages with Arlene Guzman Todd, a California resident who had previously resided in Raleigh. In addition, Todd confirmed that she and Cunningham had sex in July of this year.

According to Raleigh’s concerned residents with knowledge of Cunningham’s location, the last night he stayed at the $630,000, 3200 square foot home he shared with his wife and two children in Cameron Village on October 10.

Since then, Cunningham has been living in Raleigh’s Manning Place at 5.825 square feet, a $1.5 million home that his sister Catherine bought with her husband in 2018.

On October 22, at 6:30 a.m., journalist Don Carrington captured a photograph of Cunningham leaving the garage of his sister’s home before he quickly joined a car that had joined the driveway a few seconds earlier. The car driver, who appeared to be a Cunningham campaigner, quickly backed out of the property and sped away with Cunningham in the tow, following a trend often noticed by others who reported seeing Cunningham leaving his sister’s home early in the morning and returning later in the day.

Besides Cunningham’s comings and goings to his sister’s house, it was not unnoticed that on Tuesday, October 13th, just three days after Cunningham’s last stay at his family house was confirmed to have taken part in a 30-minute Zoom interview with the North Carolina Teachers’ Union as part of a weekly show entitled “Tuesdays With Tamika.”

Despite his wife’s extensive work in education, and her campaign website posts praising her commitment to educational policy work, Cunningham did not mention her during the interview.

The National File also witnessed Ms. Kolb Cunningham leaving her home on October 7, the same evening Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth canceled a joint fundraiser she had intended to attend with candidate Cunningham.

Prior to the admitted affair and the military investigation, Cunningham’s wife, Elizabeth Kolb Cunningham, was a vocal supporter of her husband’s campaign efforts. “Just put, Cal’s in this race to take your voice to Washington and stand up for your principles,” she wrote in an email to supporters of his 2010 U.S. run. It’s the Senate.

In that race, Cunningham missed the appointment of his party by precisely 20 points after forcing a run-off vote against Elaine Marshall, North Carolina’s new Secretary of State. Marshall was later defeated by incumbent Republican Senator Richard Burr by a 14-point margin.

In a tweet dated May 13 of this year, the 20th anniversary of the couple’s wedding, Cunningham wrote of his wife, “I am grateful to be on this journey with my best friend, who warms up her smile, keeps me on my toes with her wit, and awes me with her determination to make the world a better place.” In a subsequent article, Cunningham said that he was “particularly grateful” for Kolb Cunningham’s patience and wit.

Five months later, he doesn’t live at home and his campaign for the U.S. The Senate seems to be in free fall.

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