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‘NEPOTISM’: Bidens Lobbied To Get Obama Admin Posts To Business Partners, Family Members



'NEPOTISM': Bidens Lobbied To Get Obama Admin Posts To Business Partners, Family Members
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Hunter Biden has successfully called on the Obama administration to get appointments for family members and business partners, according to a new article.

The National Pulse notes that Hunter Biden’s cousin, Missy Owens, sent him an email asking if he had arranged for Eric Schwerin, Hunter’s business partner, to be appointed to the U.S. by President Obama. The Committee for the Protection of the American Heritage Abroad.

Subsequently, Missy Owens used this information to indicate that Hunter was helping her or her mother, Valerie Owens, to gain an administration position.

“How did we find that one, and do you think we should find anything for my mom? “Missy has written. “I wanted to do that, but [I] think Mom needs more than I do, what do you think? Hunter quickly responded, appearing to give Missy and Valerie a deal close to what Schwerin had got.

“I didn’t know [Valerie] wanted to do that to me,” Hunter responded, obviously implying that he didn’t know that Valerie wanted him to arrange a meeting for her.

He then admitted that Schwerin, Hunter’s business partner at the investment and consultancy company Rosemont Seneca, had applied for and obtained an appointment via Hunter’s influence-peddling.

“The day after the 2008 election, Eric asked for one of these,” Hunter said.

Hunter then encouraged Missy to recognize positions that would be of interest to her or her mother.

“You know better than me what the actual and fascinating appointments are,” Hunter said to Missy.

“Let’s go through the list with [Chief of Staff to Vice-President] Steve [Richetti] and see what makes sense.” Hunter then seemed to imply that Missy and Valerie might profit from “nepotism.”

“I don’t know how much 2016 and nepotism is playing,” Hunter said to Missy.

Months after the discussion, Valerie was nominated as the U.S. Alternate Delegate to the United Nations.

This article is only one of the many disclosures that came out after the purchase of Hunter Biden’s hard drive by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and the subsequent leak of key details to media outlets.

The hard drive held detailed descriptions of Biden’s use of active drugs and sexual indiscretions.

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