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Biden Doubles Down on Pledge to Increase Taxes Despite 66% of electorate, 57% of Democrats Wanting Reduction



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Democrat Vice President Joe Biden doubled his pledge to increase taxes when he talked to a room full of deep-pocket Wall Street donors. His announcement came just days after he told the world that he was going to destroy the oil industry.

Biden assured the high-priced donors that the Biden administration will see an across-the-board tax rise on businesses and others identified as rich by its advisors.

Biden’s top advisors have formulated an ambitious tax-and-spend economic plan that makes raising taxes their top and immediate priority. His staff suggested that these tax increases would come as legislation and take effect almost immediately after taking office.

Part of the reason Biden wants to soften the ground on this topic is that he will use the revenue to finance his radical $2 trillion infrastructure package. This bundle contains a significant part of the Green New Deal pursued by the Progressives, part of which is to update existing systems and requirements for emissions. This plank is intended to resolve some of the climate issues of the left-wing voters.

Tax & Voting:

66% of likely voters, including 57% of Democrats, consider Lowering TAXES necessary to vote next month.

53 per cent of LV’s, including 31 per cent of Democrats, agree that if @realDonaldTrump is not re-elected their taxes would be more likely – UP.https:/

Those who are close to the Biden movement say that the change is also based on ideology. As previously stated in many media outlets, Biden argues that raising taxes is a “moral problem” of wealth inequality in America. Rather than providing opportunities for individual development, Biden sees it as the government’s responsibility to artificially level the playing field.

Wall Street executives close to Biden say they are preparing to enforce the full scale of their tax policies retroactively using budget reconciliation to push the process through Congress. Budget reconciliation means that Democrats would not have to meet the super-majority vote threshold for “boost taxes.” Instead, a 51-vote majority in the Senate would fulfill the need.

A similar backdoor tactic was used to push the Affordable Care Act – also known as Obamacare – into the country, a move that disenfranchised tens of millions of people from affordable health care through private health insurance schemes.

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