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Hillary Clinton: Mentally, I’m SICK to my stomach over Trump’s reelection



Hillary Clinton: Mentally, I'm SICK to my stomach over Trump's reelection
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Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has admitted that she feels sick to her stomach because of Trump’s re-election this November.

During a Monday interview with journalist Kara Swisher, the former Secretary of State said, “It literally makes me sick to my stomach” to think that President Donald Trump could win again in November.

“I can’t entertain the thought of winning it, so let’s just preface that,” Hillary said during the podcast.

“Well, because it literally makes me sick to my stomach to think that we will have four more years to do with this violence and degradation of our institutions, and to damage our principles and values, and to diminish our leadership, and the list goes on.” reports: Asked if she had any “fear” that President Trump would legally threaten her if he were to be re-elected, Clinton said, “There is no question that he would do anything he could to assault and prosecute someone who, in his mind, was an opponent.”

“And, unfortunately, he will be helped and assisted by both elected and appointed officials,” she said. “So, of course, one of the most important successes that I hope we can see in this election is the Democratic Senate, where that will be a check that we need against more misuse of power.”

According to Clinton, President Trump “lives with this specter of illegitimacy” in the 2016 election that Clinton lost.

“I don’t think he has any limits at all, Kara,” Clinton said. “He has no conscience, I don’t think. Apparently, he’s not a moral, honest guy. But he’s trying to do whatever he can to pick himself up. And note, as I said, that he lives with this specter of illegitimacy. He knows more about how he was really elected than we still do. Let’s hope we’ll learn more in the years ahead.

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