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Justice Amy Coney Barrett: “I love the Constitution and I will do my best to protect it”



Justice Amy Coney Barrett: "I love the Constitution and I will do my best to protect it"
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Americans around the country were delighted last night when Justice Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed by the Senate to the Supreme Court. Following a vote by the Senate, Justice Clarence Thomas administered the oath of office at a national ceremony.

Justice Barrett vowed to protect and preserve the Constitution and said that she cherished the document that was the cornerstone of our country and that she would dedicate herself to preserving it.

“I, Amy Coney Bennett, solemnly swear that I shall support and protect the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, international and domestic; that I shall bear true faith and loyalty to the same; that I shall freely embrace this duty, without any mental reservation or intent to escape it; and that I shall perform well and faithfully the duties of the office to which I am about to join. So help me, my God.

The oath I solemnly took tonight means, at its heart, that I will do my job without fear or favor, and that I will do it independently of both the political branches and my own interests. I love the Constitution and the Democratic Republic that it creates, and I will do my utmost to preserve it. Oh, thank you.

Judge Amy Coney Barrett: “My fellow Americans, even though we judges don’t face elections, we still work for you … I love the Constitution and the democratic republic that it creates, and I will dedicate myself to maintaining it.”

Afterwards, President Trump said, “This is a momentous day for America, for the Constitution of the United States, and for a fair and impartial rule of law. Justice Barrett, when you take your oath tonight, the legacy of our ancestors comes down to you. The American people have put their trust in you and their faith in you as you take on the challenge of protecting our laws, our Constitution, and this country that we all love. We ask the Lord to grant you wisdom and courage. I know you’re going to make all of us very, very happy.

President @realDonaldTrump: Judge Barrett ‘s appointment is “a crucial day for America, for the Constitution of the United States and for a fair and independent rule of law” https:/

Barrett was approved by a 52-48 vote with all Republicans except Susan Collins voting to confirm her and all Democrats voting against her nomination.

“We seldom have a candidate as exceptional as the one we have in front of us right now,” said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell before the vote. “We had a chance to witness this exceptional candidate. We’ve been watching her in committee. She has proven that she has the deep legal experience, the dispassionate judicial temperament and the sheer intellectual strength that the American people deserve to have in their Supreme Court.

“This excellent candidate is ideally suited to this period of work. And I know that we all know that. She is an outstanding candidate to the Supreme Court who will make the Senate and the nation extremely proud, “he said.

Before the vote, Senator Ben Sasse, a Republican from Nebraska, called on Democrats to play politics with Barrett ‘s appointment.

“I’ve learned now that I think four speeches in a row mean that when Judge Barrett becomes Justice Barrett later tonight, that clearly means the end of health care in America. The last speech actually contained this expression, “A vote for Amy Barrett is a vote to end health care.” The speech said, “A vote for Amy Coney Barrett is a vote to end health care.” It’s not just preposterous, it’s so damaging to public good and public trust … Please have the courage to come back next April, May and June and say you lied to the American people. You were really trying to scare them into voting, and you were asking B.S. what you were saying. Whoever writes these talk points outside – it’s very damaging, and the Senators know better than parroting this pop.

“Judge Barrett ran circles around the Democrats’ failed efforts to smear her integrity, her religion, and her family during those hearings. They don’t like Judge Barrett doing what the judges are meant to do – standing above politics and refusing to legislate from the bench. The polls show that the Americans are clearly in favour of her confirmation. It’s time for Chuck Schumer to drop the shenanigans and get that done, “he said.

Leading pro-life organizations strongly endorsed Judge Barrett and told LifeNews they were ecstatic that she had obtained a positive confirmation vote.

Penny Nance of Women Concerned for America said, “A conservative, constitutional, pro-life woman at the Supreme Court is why we voted for Donald Trump. We congratulate Justice Barrett, and we pray for her and her family. The challenge ahead will be a daunting one, but we have full confidence in her ability as a lawyer.

“Yet at the end of the day, we must return to the origins of such a wonderful addition to the Supreme Court: President Donald J. Trump. He exceeded all our standards when it comes to judicial appointments, and he did indeed deliver on making the judiciary great again. The Americans will recall going to this important election, “she said.

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted unanimously on Thursday 12-0 to submit Judge Amy Coney Barrett ‘s appointment to the full Senate floor after Democrats boycotted the committee’s vote to partake in a political truce and falsely say that Judge Barrett intends to take away American health care.

The news comes after a recent national poll reveals that Americans favour Amy Coney Barrett, candidate of the Supreme Court, by a 23 per cent margin. It follows a Gallup poll showing that the majority of Americans support her appointment.

The latest Morning Consult poll reveals that the Americans favour Barrett at a margin of 51-28% and that the gap in 23 percentage points is an improvement from the 17 percent margin found in the previous poll.

“After four days of hearings, 51% of the electorate said that the Senate should vote to confirm Barrett to the Supreme Court, up 3 percentage points from the previous week and a rise of 14 points since Trump announced his appointment on September 26. It is a higher degree of support than Morning Consult calculated at any time during the confirmation hearings for Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh — the two other lawyers Trump had been named to the High Court during his term of office, “the polling firm said.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is due to vote on Thursday, setting up a final vote by the full Senate on Monday.

At the confirmation hearings, Judge Barrett says that she does not consider the decision of Roe v. Wade that allowed abortion on demand to be a “super-precedent” that can not be reversed.

Judge Barrett said that Roe was not in the same category as the Brown v. Board of Education decision of the Supreme Court in 1954, which ruled that segregated public schools were unconstitutional because there was still a major controversy as to whether Roe was valid.

In comments during the confirmation process, Judge Amy Coney Barrett also indicated that she is committed to the rule of law.

“I am committed to the rule of law and the rule of the court,” she said. “If I offer off-the-cuff responses, I’d practically be a juror, and I don’t think we want judges to be jurors. I think we want judges to take a thoughtful and open-minded approach to cases.

Judge Amy Coney Barrett gave her opening remarks to the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday and made two primary points.

First, she spoke about the proper position of the courts, saying that they are not allowed to make laws and make laws from the bench. She also refused to back down to the attacks on her religion by the Senate Democrats, stating that she firmly believed in prayer and thanking the many Americans who prayed for her in the midst of the attacks on her Christian faith.

“I believe in the power of prayer, and it has been exhilarating that so many people have been praying for me,” Judge Barrett said to the representatives of the Judiciary.

“Nothing is more important to me, and I am so proud to have it behind me,” she said.

Before that, Judge Barrett had addressed the proper position of the Supreme Court.

“The courts are not intended to fix every problem or every wrong in our lives,” she explained. “The political decisions and the government’s value assessments must be taken by the political branches elected and accountable to the people. The public does not expect the courts to do this, and the courts should not try.

“When I write a case-solving opinion, I read every word from the point of view of the losing party. I ask myself how would I see the decision if one of my children was the faction I ruled against, “she went on to say. “Although I may not like the outcome, may I accept that the decision was reasonably well-founded and based on the law? That’s the standard I set for myself in any case, and that’s the standard I’m going to follow as long as I’m a judge at any court.

The Liberal American Bar Association has nominated its highest rating to President Donald Trump‘s most recent Supreme Court, releasing the rating on the opening day of its Supreme Court confirmation hearings in the Senate.

Last week, a recent national poll found that Americans favored the double-digit margin nomination of the Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

A recent Morning Consult poll reveals that the Americans support Barrett on a 46-31 percent basis and that 15 percent of the support basis is an improvement from the polling firms’ last national survey in September following its appointment. That poll had Americans backing Barrett 37-34%, which resulted in a 12 percent rise from the previous 3 percent margin.

“Democrats are losing the Supreme Court message battle, according to a new survey, with the help of Judge Amy Coney Barrett ‘s confirmation in the direction of the GOP,” the polling firm said. “Nearly half (46 percent) of the voters in the Oct. 2-4 Morning Consult / Politico poll said the Senate should approve Barrett — up 9 percent after President Donald Trump confirmed his appointment on Sept. 26—as more voters.

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