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Man has won $1 Million Lottery Prize Twice After Accidental Buying of Extra Ticket



Man has won $1 Million Lottery Prize Twice After Accidental Buying of Extra Ticket
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In everyday life, most of the minor mixtures have little effects. We purchase a wrong object, buy a duplicate or the wrong size accidentally and lose at most a couple of dollars.

But a person from Dearborn Heights, Michigan, made a small error, which nobody could have expected paid off in a large fashion.

For the drawing that took place on June 9, Samir Mazahem selected the five winning numbers. When purchasing his Mega Millions Ticket, the 56-year-old chose 01-05-09-10-23 online.

As with online orders several times, when Mazahem returned to check the numbers he mistakenly bought a new ticket with the same number set.

Mazahem told the Lottery of Michigan what triggered the blend.

“I went online and purchased a ticket with family birthdays,” he said. He said.

“I forgot to save the numbers in the app as my favorites, so I returned to them and set them up as favorites to play them in the future quickly.”

“What I didn’t know was that I would buy the same number for a second ticket. I was a little bummed but didn’t think much of it after I found out I purchased two tickets with similar numbers.

In most cases, the purchasing of two tickets of the same size reduces the odds of a win – but Mazahem performed very well.

He explained, “I recently signed in to check out a number of tickets I had purchased and that’s when I saw my awards were pending for two million dollars.”

“It is an understatement to say that I was shocked.”

“I couldn’t think it really was. It took a few days for the truth to be established that my mistake had paid off at $2 million! His initial win would have earned him a nice amount, but since every ticket was worth $ 1 million, he won twice.

“Winning is fun and gives me some comfort in knowing that I’m going to have money in the bank when I retire,” he said.

According to Michigan Lottery, Mazahem went to the headquarters in person to claim his money.

They said he’s trying to buy a house and save the rest of it.

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