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Suspect arrested after Pro-Trump family Pepper is sprinkled at ‘Jews for Trump’



Suspect arrested after Pro-Trump family Pepper is sprinkled at 'Jews for Trump'
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The pro-Trump rally in New York City, organized by members of the Jewish community, was targeted by demonstrators all Sunday, leaving children crying after being sprayed with pepper spray.

The “Jews for Trump” vehicle rally was coordinated by the Trump Campaign Advisor Boris Epshteyn.

He is also the co-chair of Trump’s Jewish Voices.

Instead of being permitted to take part in a nonviolent rally of support for the president, the already ravaged Orthodox Jewish community was targeted in areas from Manhattan to Brooklyn.

More than brawl in Manhattan as anti-Trump protesters strike # JewsForTrump vehicle convoy

Fox News announced that a family of seven had been sprayed with pepper while participating in a peaceful protest.

Of the family attacked by anti-Trump protesters, four children were left feeling the residual effects of the pepper spray.

Do you think the New York City Democrats have a problem with anti-Semitism?

A man told Fox anonymously that his family was driving down Fifth Avenue in a car draped with Trump’s flags and curtains.

That’s when the man said another car took off beside his family and sprayed all of them, including the four girls, with a pepper spray.

“Immediately the kids began crying and screaming, and I jumped out of the car after I was sprayed [sic],” Fox News said.

The suspected attacker was arrested when the man questioned by Fox said he got out of the vehicle, only to be followed on foot by a person who allegedly released the chemical irritant to the family and children.

The officer was allegedly captured and arrested by the suspected attacker.

Woman arrested on the # JewsForTrump Car Convoy on 5 Avenue in Manhattan for spraying pepper spray. / kfwaLTJgT

The man said the children were “now left traumatised” and “coughing” from the pepper spray they were subjected to in the unprovoked attack.

The chemical irritant family were not the only members of the city’s pro-Trump Jewish community hit by abuse on Sunday.

Several hundred cars adorned with the “Trump 2020” flags took part in a mobile rally that started in the neighbourhood of Coney Island and ended at Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue.

One such caravan was led by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, whose car was attacked by a mob of protesters.

Rudy Giuliani was just walking through NYC with Trump Caravan. Trump’s cars got egged and BLM’s flags got torn up.

By Scootercaster (FNTV) [email protected] licence

The rally finally went to Brooklyn ‘s park.

Various social media videos indicate that people who participated in the Trump Rally during the entire rally were targeted by rocks and other screens when a man who punched car windows was targeting some of them on the Brooklyn Bridge.

This guy was so angry that, when travelling to Manhattan, the # JewsForTrump convoy almost shut down the Brooklyn Bridge, he started to punch vehicles. @NYPDnews @realDonaldTrump @TrumpWarRoom @TrumpWarRoom

More rocks were hurled at the Brooklyn convoy of the # JewsForTrump. @[email protected] @TrumpWarRoom @TrumpWarRoom

Eggs thrown on Brooklyn # JewsForTrump Vehicle Convoy

In all, Fox was told by the NYPD that, after the attacks on the Jews for Trump, “11 individuals were taken into custody.”

Six were accused of offensive behaviour, governmental obstruction and intimidation of those arrested.

Another person is charged with attacking and resisting detention a police officer.

In a Sunday letter, preteen Jewish Orthodox rabbis supported the re-election offer of Trump.

In recent weeks city and state leaders have targeted the group for a religious meeting, which has led to charges of anti-Semitism by democratic leaders such as Major Bill de Blasio and Gov.

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