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Watch President Trump: ‘Joe Biden Is a Diehard Globalist’



President Trump: "Joe Biden is a Diehard Globalist"
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President Trump warned America that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is a “Diehard globalist” who wants to destroy the US economy.

“Joe Biden is a staunch globalist who has wiped out your steel mills, shut down your factories, destroyed your coal workers, outsourced your manufacturing, and endorsed every terrible, ludicrous trade agreement for over half a century,” Trump told a crowd in Pennsylvania on Monday night.

“Think of that, 47 years later, he was a cheerleader for NAFTA, the worst trade deal ever made, and I ended it,” Trump said.

“Remember I used to say, we’re coming to an end and everyone grinned, they said, hey, look, give it a shot, I got it, then nobody thought I could do that.”

“U.S.M.C. just kicked in, and it’s unbelievable for our nation less for their nations, but that’s all right,” Trump said.

Trump then added that Biden “enthusiastically voted for China’s entrance into the World Trade Organization,” adding that “it was the beginning of China’s growth, it was a catastrophe. They’ve been flattened for years and years, and then bumped. Thank you so much, Joe, I really appreciate that.

“Joe and others, decimating your manufacturing and enriching China at your expense, you know,” warned POTUS.

Elsewhere during the rally, Trump threatened that if Biden succeeds in getting elected, he will prolong the pandemic:

Trump urged that Pennsylvania and other hard-working cities need to be opened, and that will not happen under Biden:

Trump warned that Biden was committed to destroying jobs in the city:

Trump also cautioned that Biden would ruin the industry:

The President seemed adamant that it was not going to be a matter, but he read his own poll numbers and said that it was “looking good”:


Trump said that Biden can’t even remember who he’s running against:

Referring to Biden’s “lid” on events, Trump said that Biden should be ashamed of himself for not campaigning hard enough:

At the second rally in Martinsburg later in the evening (Trump held three rallies yesterday), Trump noted that Biden “doesn’t do these kinds of rallies because no one turns up”:

Nearby, Biden briefly emerged from his basement and proved that Trump was right, as only 20 people turned up in the area in which he was standing.

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