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Mike Huckabee: big technology attempts to manipulate the election through lies, surveillance and disinformation.



Mike Huckabee: big technology attempts to manipulate the election through lies, surveillance and disinformation.
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You heard the left and the partisan press tell you over the last four years how Russians interfered with the elections in 2016.

Latest documents expose the true intimacy of the FBI, CIA and yes of President Obama’s White House and Vice President Joe Biden’s, sponsored and promoted Hillary Clinton ‘s campaign.

But in that year, Big Tech’s social media giants like Facebook , Twitter , YouTube, Google and Instagram are misleading another effort to rig the election by misinformation, disinformation, and censorship.

In such a sad move, Twitter locked off the Trump campaign and the White House press secrest Kayleigh McEnany for daring to mention in the frontreal article in the New York Post the fourth-largest newspapers in America while he was painting Joe Biden and his wayward son, In a move that earned her founder Jack Dorsey an invitation to testify to the Senate Judicial Committee.

My own Twitter account has not been able to post a link to the storey. Twitter lied and said that the article was not fully confirmed and that it declined.

The same Twitter censors not only give the chairman, but also myself and my family unrestricted comment.

To encourage a campaign of merit, the campaign finance regulation is to be applied, and campaign donations from Twitter and Facebook for Joe Biden and the Democratic National Committee are thinly covered up.

It is the time now for Congress to act to regulate the anti-trust system against these corporations, which have long been market-driven, monopolistic, social media sites.

The harm they inflict on freedom of expression and a fair debate is worse than the Russians ever did. When you haven’t seen the “Social Problem” documentary, you should.

You assume that Big Tech is attempting to steal the election?

I promise you would not permit the social media for your young teenager, if at all.

Now that you are going to pick what you can and can’t see, Silicon Valley billiards are choosing that you can’t see any negative details about how then Vice President Joe Biden took up his place for his son Hunter in the form of lucrative contracts with Ukraine, Russia and Communist China.

Hunter Biden was not entitled to receive little contracts but multimillions dollars through the fact that his father was the vice-president. You know how long this storey was split by the major networks? It wasn’t a second. None. None.

What would the coverage have been if Eric Trump were the politician ‘s son?

This year’s election checks whether the Major Tech Milliardaires will stolen the elections, who can only send you the details that you want.

We shall end up in a government that we don’t know, if we encourage such heavy-handed forces as the purchasing of and open censorship of left-wing and full-throttle false news to kill President Trunk, Vice President Pence, or Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

I got friends who are going to vote for Joe Biden because they don’t like the personality of Donald Trump. Some of it I can not agree with directly, but I don’t vote to make her a room mother and bring cupcakes to school.

I want someone who does not fear standing with China instead of making a cushy cash deal with his son with China, someone who is going to fight the DC. Summer rats instead of feeding cheese; and someone who doesn’t use the federal power to fill his pockets and hide the tracks of the swamp’s crooked beings.

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