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Trump Overtakes Biden 1 Week prior to election in the Latest National Survey



Trump Overtakes Biden 1 Week prior to election in the Latest National Survey
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A recent poll found President Donald Trump in the final week of the 2020 election, leading Democratic President nominee Joe Biden by one point nationwide, mainly turning the race into a tossup.

A Monday poll released by President Rasmussen Reports finding that Trump is 48% to 47% ahead of Biden nationally. There were two hundred undecided.

Trend: Trump tops Biden, 48% -47%, 52% https:/ approvals

In addition, the President’s approval is relatively stable at 52 percent, according to Rasmussen.

“It is nightmare, President Trump just barely ahead of the White House Watch survey of the Rasmussen reports,” said the pollster.

Oct. 21-22 and 25 by mobile and on-line interviewed 1,500 probable voters Rasmussen. A margin of error of more or less 2.5 points is recorded in the survey.

The poll in Rasmussen definitely differs from those in other national elections, most still having Biden a strong lead for just 8 days before the 3rd November election.

For instance, the average Real Clear Policy is 7.9 points for the Democratic party.

You assume that President Donald Trump is going to be re-elected?

The Biden is shown by double numbers in four main polls on the RCP average. In each survey Quinnipiac, CNBC / Change Research and SurveyUSA, it is 10 points that lead Trump and 12 points in the USC Dornsife poll. In the last week, all four have been done.

Rasmussen is the only pollster to suggest Trump’s lead in the RCP average, but it lies within the range of error of the survey.

Here, however, is an important piece of information: Rasmussen had just a few weeks ago the chairman to Biden with 12 dots.

In the survey, the Democrat candidate increased 3 points on Wednesday, up from 49% to 46%.

“Biden had a 12-point advantage two weeks ago,” Rasmussen remarked. He was eight in front a week ago. For the first time in a month, the support for Biden dropped below 50%.

The Monday survey now shows Trump a 1-point lead after Biden has had a scandalous week and a vigorous final debate, in which the President picked him up and exposed himself with cool and calculated radicalism about American oil.

Although Biden has a seemingly insurmountable lead for the most successful pollsters, Rasmussen was one of them just weeks ago.

Now a close race is found.

It should be remembered that in the 2016 pollster Rasmussen won his “last poll” and that he was the nearest of all pollsters who chose Hillary Clinton correctly for popular vote during the presidential election of that year.

The average for the RCP in October 2016 was 3.3 points higher for Hillary Clinton, the then-Democratic nominee.

Clinton had only 1,7 points for Rasmussen, and at the time she lost the Electoral College, by 2.1 points she secured the popular election.

The pollster does not have to share his reputation with others.

We will know soon who’s looked at the race most accurately.

The pollster showed that Trump had already made unparalleled rounds last week with black voters.

Data points for Morning Reader:

The latest results from Rasmussen are fantastic news if you are in the corner of Trump, but for the President or his supporters, they should not be the reason to rejoice.

They must be taken as a sign that this race is far from over and that it is more important than ever to go out and vote and inspire others to do the same.

We don’t know what the internal polls of every camp say, but the president is here.

If a premature victory is taken, Trump’s critical votes in an election could cost himself.


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