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Call for “the respect of life” of all, including the “most defenceless,” Abortion is condemned by Pope Francis



Call for "the respect of life" of all, including the "most defenceless," Abortion is condemned by Pope Francis
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Pope Francis urged Christians in Poland to continue to stand up as aggressive pro-abortion demonstrators in the country on Wednesday.

The Pope has said that the Catholic News Agency is praying to remember Poland’s citizens, particularly “the weakest and defenseless,” for the benefit of all human beings.

“The Holy Most Sacred and the Holy Polish Pontiff [St.] by their intercession. John Paul II] I ask the Lord to give strength to those who welcome it, to take care of it and to honor the lives of our brothers and sisters, in particular the most helpless and defenseless, even when it takes heroic love, “said Francis.

Abortion demonstrators across Poland have been rioting after last week’s high court ruled to defend unborn babies with disabilities from abortions. The AP states that during the demonstrations authorities detained at least 76 individuals for disrupting church services and vandalizing churches.

In the midst of unrest, Catholic leaders in the country as well as elsewhere called for peace.

With regard to Saint John Paul II, Pope Francis proclaimed that “the Polish saint always called for the private love of the least and the defenseless and that every person should be protected from conception to death” according to CNA.

Christians were told to remember Jesus who prays for them and never is far away.

Poland is in almost all cases one of the few European countries to protect unborn babies from abortions.

On October 22, one of the few exceptions approved under its abortion law in 1993-abortion against unborn children with disabilities-was overruled by Poland’s Constitutional Court. The judges ruled that the exemption violates the Constitution because it discriminates against disabled citizens.

In cases of rape, incest, or mother’s life threats, Poland also permits abortions.

The news was honored as a significant win for the rights of unborn children by pro-life and political figures.

“You can’t kill a kid because you’re sick. That isn’t a fetus, it’s a boy, “said Reuters, UK MP Maria Kurowska.

The ruling was also celebrated by Mikolaj Pawlak, Commissioner for the Rights of the Child in Poland.

‘The Constitutional Court ruling that eugenic abortion has not been legally compatible is a triumph over death,’ said Pawlak. “This is a restoration of all people, including those who are not born yet, to equal rights.”

The decision could save the lives of thousands of babies. According to the study, 1,100 abortions were reported by Polish health officials in 2019.

Protests started soon after the announcement of the ruling and feminist anti-apartment groups said that in the next few weeks they expect further protests.

The BBC announced last week that 15 pro-abortion protestors were detained by police after they started throwing stones in Warsaw. The storey, along with others from the NBC News and the AP, points to the arrest of several pro-life rioters for attempting to break out of the Police blockade. Police accounts use pepper spray to soften rioters, according to accounts.

Coronavirus limits in Warsaw have been violated by abortion campaigners. The city has a limit of 10 people for meetings, and town police announced that 35 people had been fined for violating the limit, reports The Independent.

The Daily Mail claims that pro-abortion rioters in different cities around the country vandalized churches. AFP has reported that many pro-abortion demonstrators have also been arrested by police for attempting to force their way to the Warsaw Church.

Dozens of pro-abortion demonstrators burst in a church in the city of Poznan and disrupted the service and yelled, “We have had enough! “And” Barbaric boys! “The Mail records as they held signs before the altar.

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