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I voted to return ‘American Dream’ and I did not want ‘Socialist America’ Jack Nicklaus:



I voted to return 'American Dream' and I did not want 'Socialist America' Jack Nicklaus:

18-time golf champion Jack Nicklaus confirmed he has voted in favor of re-electing Donald Trump for “pursuing his commitments.”

On Wednesday evening Nicklaus posted a long statement on his Twitter account in which he says Trump is the secret to “preventing socialist America and keeping the government running.”

“Get out and vote,” Nicklaus, 80, urged his 470,000 followers on Twitter. I did that! I did! ‘

“Jack, that’s a great pleasure,” said President Trump. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ‘And he pinned the tweet proudly to his top.

DailyMail report: Nicklaus provided long descriptions of his decision, stating that in the past three and a half years he had known the President better and that he was frustrated by his criticism. The average citizen worked for him. I agree that he was more diverse to benefit people from all walks of life, and I tried to encourage him, “said the Ohio-born golfer.

I voted to return 'American Dream' and I did not want 'Socialist America' Jack Nicklaus:

His grandfathers worked both on the Railways, Nicklaus told, but he “worked very hard to follow my own dreams – my own American dream.”

Nicklaus himself lived in a house with a view of Lake Worth Lagoon in Palm Beach County since 1970 near Mar-a-Lago.

Jack Nicklaus, 18-times major champion, claims President Trump‘s mass media handled unfairly.

He said that he thinks Trump’s policies will make many families in the country experience the American Dream.

The eighteen-time major champion said he had his differences and his use of language with the president in particular.

But he had to look past this, Nicklaus said.

I voted to return 'American Dream' and I did not want 'Socialist America' Jack Nicklaus:

‘A loud and transparent has been his passion for America and its people, putting his country first,’ he said.

‘How he claimed I wasn’t interested in it. His actions have been significant. You now have the chance to do something.

Nicklaus said that he wants everyone to vote, and he says that Trump’s voters “strongly suggest.”

The help of the golfer is not new to Trump.

He said Trump was a ‘terrifying’ individual in May 2016.

‘He transforms America back and forth, the world awakens,’ said Nicklaus. ‘Much of this we need.’

Nicklaus said in an interview to CBS, “I did several things on golf courses with Donald, and he treated me perfectly.” ‘He was upside-down.’

The president and Nicklaus played golf many times together.

Tiger Woods joined them in February 2019 for a round in Jupiter, Florida.

The Trump Organization – Trump National Golf Club Jupiter, which started in 2002, and its New York City course in Ferry Point, in the Bronx, which was opened in 2015 were planned for Nicklaus.

Nicklaus announced in July that, in the spring, he and his wife were both positive for coronavirus.

Nicklaus said that his wife was asymptomatic when he was talking about his weather at the Memorial Tournament, during the last round play that he hosted.

Nicklaus told CBS in an interview: ‘Barbara was asymptomatic, a sore throat and cough I had not last much.

“We’ve been very, very fortunate, we’ve been fortunate.”

From 13 March to 20 April, the pair insulated themselves from their homes in southern Florida.

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