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New documentary reveals how Democrats have made fighting Coronavirus difficult



New documentary reveals how Democrats have made fighting Coronavirus difficult
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On Wednesday, the Senate Republican Conference released the first of a five-part documentary series to take the message around the government’s attempt to respond to the viruses of coronavirus.

The documentary “The Invisible Enemy,” shows the public how Republicans in Senate reacted to the outbreak of coronavirus.

This documentary was created by the communication team of the Republican Senate Conference and comprises seven Senators from the Republic, including Sens. Ted Cruz, Pat Toomey, Marco Rubio, and Marsha Blackburn.

SRC Sen. Sen John Barrasso claimed in a statement to the Daily Caller News Foundation that “the documentary is a retrospection of the Republican senator’s attempts to solve it. “We would like to educate and inspire people at home. America, together, is going to get through it.

“USA’s not the only way to combat the coronavirus, Barrasso said. Senate Republicans have dedicated themselves to battling this epidemic and to vaccinating.”



In order to defend Republicans that were criticized by Democrats in preparation for the Nov. 3 election, it was created “the Invisible enemy.”

The campaign of the Democrat nominee Joe Biden has published several ads during the entire pandemic, including one on Tuesday, which criticizes the coronavirus response of President Donald Trump.

Biden, who told the Tuesday ad, said, “We need real planning to get Covid under control. “As president, I am committed to hearing science so that we are healthy and return to work.”

Wednesday’s first part of the documentary created by the Republicans concentrated on its early days. The Republican Senators alleged that Congress was turned away from the growing threat to the virus by the Democrats’ imposition.

In January, the Senators also blamed the Government of China for hiding the virus information and chastised China for “parrots.”

“There’s time to tell the story through a documentary,” Barrasso said. “For more than 8 months we have been battling the pandemic.”

“The CARES Act has established the best work-saving services and policies. It is important to clarify in detail the magnitude and scale of the pandemic, and the size and magnitude of the Republican response.

The Federal government introduced a total of 10 coronavirus bills, including the CARES Act according to the United States. The federal government introduced 10 bills relating to coronavirus. Publishing Bureau of the Nation. Trump signed on March 27 the $2 trillion CARES Act, which contains the provision of direct stimulus checks to 125 million Americans.

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