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South Carolina’s Obama-Appointed Rules of Judge Vote Don’t Fit Mail-In Ballots



South Carolina's Obama-Appointed Rules of Judge Vote Don't Fit Mail-In Ballots
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The Election Offices in South Carolina do not refuse absentee or postal ballots with signatures that do not fit files in a decision released Tuesday by a U.S. District Court judge.

US District Court Judge Richard Gergel, an appointed Obama judged the State, not only that the votes presented with mismatched signatures could not be refused, but it also ruled that South Carolina’s electoral authorities had to study and reprocess ballots that had, because of mismatched signature, been refused or set aside.

“Electoral who had previously submitted a ballot with incoherent signatures were not informed or given an opportunity to address this problem prior to the ballot being torn out by the South Carolina League of Women Voters, an organization, which submitted a complaint.

A South Caroline federal judge agreed Tuesday not to dismiss any absentees whose signatures did not match those on the register. https ● / gVdFIBxaRr

Gergel wrote in his decision: Any electoral body wanting to match the signatures must first go to court for approval. He also added that voters should then be given a chance to correct the signature.

John Powers, a lawyer with the Lawyers Civil Rights Committee under the Statute, another organization that had been assigned to the case, told reporters that “common sense” is a ruling, adding that “election officials are not signatory experts.”

In many lawsuits in the world, the challenge lies in whether or not the courts will counter electoral law produced by the state legislatures and even in an emergency position so close to an election.

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