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VIDEO: BLM in Philly Chant ‘Each city, all the cities, all the cities on earth’



VIDEO: BLM in Philly Chant 'Each city, all the cities, all the cities on earth'
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After a legal shot by an armed black man on Monday, Philadelphia experienced a second night of abuse and devastation as Black Lives activists tried to sew havoc on the streets.

In the second night of the protests and round-up of Walter Wallace Jr., who refused to send police instructions for his waist until the officers were charged, Black Lives Matter protestors were shouting a violent anti-police singing in the video.

“Burn the districts to the ground every town, every town! “The demonstrators sang as they were marching through the streets. The crowd engaged in crime, plunder, and spinning bullets on police officers.

“Burn the (policing) precincts to the ground every city and city”

BLM sings in Philadelphia streets and Antifa girls hit my camera.

Saying “You’re not allowed to movie the demonstrators”

A woman who was identified as Antifa ordered a reporter to stop filming until the caméra was ripened and brutally attacked.

Protesters, many who were not at the scene of the original incident and who were not from the city, went to the streets near the news of Wallace’s death.

PHILLY: more than 400 BLM, Antifa, communists …

are protesting the police shooting in the neighbourhoods right now

Walter Wallace Jr, they say, mentally unstable and not a genuine threat photo.

Companies in the local region have been destroyed and stolen.

BREAKING: The rounds of Philadelphia are looting. The black life stories / HyCzERRjOk are a five downloadable shop.

More than 30 police officers, including an officer purposely hit by a vehicle, were injured in the rioting on Monday.

Monday was detained by over 90 people. Most of them is convicted of robbery. Eleven also had a police officer arrested for assault.

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