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Federal Government Would Not Support Biden’s Transition: ‘Certainly Not Been Made’ On Power Transfer – GS



Federal Government Would Not Support Biden's Transition: 'Certainly Not Been Made' On Power Transfer – GS
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The Biden campaign began to put itself as the winner of the 2020 general election by boasting a lot about the transition. However, the General Services Administration (GSA) has told them that no decision has been made as to whether a transfer of power will take place in January 2021.

The GSA is a federal government autonomous organisation that oversees and maintains the key activities of federal agencies. It provides goods, correspondence, transport and office space, and performs other office management activities.

“A conclusion has not yet been made. GSA and its administrator will continue to cooperate with and meet all the provisions of the legislation, “the GSA spokesperson told reporters, adding that the GSA administrator, Emily Murphy, will only conduct the transfer of power if the” simple winner is clear on the basis of the procedure laid down in the Constitution.

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“The decision of the Administrator shall be taken for the purpose of making available the resources offered by the Presidential Transition Act,” the Speaker said in a statement. “Until a decision is reached, the law requires the Biden Transition Team to continue accessing pre-elected government resources ( e.g. restricted office space, computers, background security clearance investigations). GSA has fulfilled all the constitutional criteria of the PTA for this election cycle and will continue to do so.

If the GSA had determined that the transfer of power was to be carried out, the Biden campaign would have given federal tax dollars for travel and wages.

The Superintendent of the General Services Administration has failed to sign a document that will formally initiate the transition to the new administration. / o4eBvhzkc

Under the President Transition Act of 1963, after the constitutional requirements for the GSA to decide the winner of the election have been fulfilled, the President-elect is then allowed to coordinate with U.S. federal agencies and to provide operating funding to the President’s office.

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