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Hunter Biden Eventually Appears, Takes Stage with Joe Biden Despite Federal Investigation



Hunter Biden Eventually Appears, Takes Stage with Joe Biden Despite Federal Investigation
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Good news, America: we found Hunter Biden.

I remember, both of us were breathlessly asking where he was. He had disappeared from view for a while after that laptop had splashed across the pages of the New York Post. Well, at least he did his emails. The more prurient files have ended up elsewhere.

Now, granted, we have never received confirmation that it belonged to the son of the Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden. We have never had any denials, either. What we got was a lot of evasiveness and running out of time in the race against President Donald Trump.

Given that Hunter Biden finally appeared when his father decided to give a victory speech on Saturday night, the strategy seems to have worked.

In a piece describing how the laptop storey “fizzled,” political writers Kyle Cheney and Andrew Desiderio said that Joe Biden “was joined on the Delaware stage by his son Hunter — the villain of one of Trump’s last-ditch attacks — where both clasped hands and waved after Biden’s victory speech.”

The piece rejected the storey as a “actually challenged [narrative] about Biden in the waning weeks of the campaign” in which the Democratic candidate “was the secret beneficiary of multi-million dollar business dealings with the shady foreign interests of Hunter Biden.”

That storey “was riddled with falsehoods, exaggerations, and assumptions, often pushed by unreliable narrators who revealed no evidence of Biden’s wrongdoing,” said Cheney and Desiderio. “Though Biden ‘s son may face legitimate legal problems over his foreign activities — and recent reports suggest he is facing an ongoing FBI investigation — no evidence connects Biden’s elder to those allegations, and even Trump acknowledged that top advisers were urging him to back Hunter ‘s claims so close to Election Day.”

Yeah, well, all about that.

How much the needle moved for Trump or Biden is anyone’s guess, and whether there was a better message for Trump will certainly be part of any post-mortem, assuming the president’s legal challenges aren’t over.

However, Internet searches seem to indicate that people were at least interested in potential corruption of Joe Biden in the final weeks of the campaign:

This is a Google Trends chart showing the relative popularity of the search term “Joe Biden Corruption” in the final weeks of the campaign after the Hunter Biden laptop has been retrieved. Considering that Biden had made it a whole year without this being a popular search, yes, I ‘d say it was a matter of concern.

As for Hunter Biden himself, and what he means for a potential Joe Biden presidency, should he be certified winner after recount and challenge to the President’s court, Messrs Cheney and Desiderio underestimate the complications that his younger son might pose.

Yes, assume that Tony Bobulinski has no evidence to support his claim that he met Joe Biden and that he was not “the secret beneficiary of multi-million dollar business dealings with shady foreign interests.” Hunter Biden is still part of the federal investigation, something that was not necessarily emphasised by any of the commentators on Saturday night.

They also did not mention that while Hunter Biden’s emails did not necessarily provide smoking-gun evidence that his father was involved in wrongdoing, they certainly did not provide exoneration.

At the very least, the picture that emerges from the hard drive of Hunter’s laptop — not even a portrait of the low levels of addiction that it provided — is that it made it increasingly clear that there was a high probability that Joe Biden knew more about his son’s business than we thought.

Remember the concatenation of events.

Hunter Biden joins the board of directors of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings. There’s nothing unethical about it, even though it’s a weird fit. Hunter has no experience working in Ukraine or in the energy sector, but there is no law against Washington that influences children-peddling with foreign companies. In fact, this is one of the primary ways in which the dissolved district of ne’er-do-wells earns a living.

Next, Joe Biden brings the power of the U.S. government to Ukraine so that Chief Prosecutor Viktor Shokin is fired. Biden later boasts about this in an event hosted by the Foreign Relations Council.

Shokin was investigating Burisma Holdings at one time.

Still, it has to be said that Shokin was doing too horribly, and nearly all of his inquiries into Ukrainian corruption were inefficient, perhaps purposely. There are few who are familiar with Shokin ‘s career who believe that he shouldn’t have been canned as well.

But if Biden knew about his son’s role with Burisma Holdings, it would be a direct conflict of interest for him to be involved.

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Should the actions of the Bidens be investigated?

The former Vice President ‘s operative statement on the matter still appears to be a September 2019 remark that he had “never talked to my son about his foreign business dealings,” according to the New York Post. Hunter Biden, for his part, says that he spoke to his father about his dealings “only once.”

So fast forward to the laptop, where Hunter Biden is said to have introduced his father to the top executive of Burisma, Vadym Pozharskyi, at some point during Biden’s time as vice president. There was also an email that might have detailed Biden’s potential role in a deal with a Chinese company — though even if he was to receive remuneration, the deal was never concluded.

And yes, there’s also an active federal investigation around that laptop about possible money-laundering charges. Fox News initially confirmed that the documents showing the laptop had been subpoenaed by the FBI.

“Multiple federal law enforcement officials, as well as two separate government officials, have confirmed the authenticity of the documents signed by FBI Special Agent Joshua Wilson,” Fox News reported on Oct. 21. “Wilson did not respond immediately to Fox News’ request for comments.”

Meanwhile, Sinclair Broadcasting reported on October 30 that a Justice Department official had confirmed “that the FBI had opened a criminal investigation against Hunter Biden and his associates back in 2019, focused on allegations of money laundering and that the investigation remained active.”

So, yes, there’s a reason you’re just seeing Hunter Biden right now.

As to whether the “fizzled” laptop storey, you’re the judge.

Joe Biden was talking a lot about “unity” on Saturday night. By stopping any conversation about Hunter Biden over the last few months, Joe Biden made sure we’ve been talking about him for a long time to come. And unlike his father, there was no good reason for him to get out of the basement.

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