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President Donald Trump Sues Pennsylvania: Claims Mail-In Voting Is Unconstitutional, Welcomed Fraud



President Donald Trump Sues Pennsylvania: Claims Mail-In Voting Is Unconstitutional, Welcomed Fraud
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President Donald Trump filed a recent complaint in the state of Pennsylvania alleging that the mail-in polling process opened the door to bribery because it did not have the same requirements as in-person voting.

President Trump’s re-election team today filed a lawsuit in Pennsylvania accusing the development and introduction of an unconstitutional “two-tiered” vote scheme for the 2020 general election. Pennsylvania’s “two-track” method resulted in electors being held to varying criteria based on how they wished to exercise their right to vote, the group insists.

In-person electors had to sign voter registrations, have those signatures checked against the voting lists, vote in a polling place supervised by statutory election monitors, and have their ballots counted in a clear and verifiable way that is open and observed, they claim in the case.

The state’s mail-in voting system, through which almost 2.65 million votes were cast, lacks all the hallmarks of fairness and verifiability that were present for in-person voters, including insufficient authentication of the identity of the elector, allowing ballots collected up to three days after the election to be counted without any documentation of prompt mailings, such as a postmark, and refusing ample confirmation of their identity.

“We conclude that this two-track scheme consists in two constitutional violations: 1) Equal rights infringement and 2) Votes and Electors infringement,” the movement added.

“Voters in Pennsylvania were kept to differing criteria solely on the basis of how they choose to cast their ballots, and we conclude that this two-tiered voting system resulted in potentially illegal votes being counted without adequate scrutiny or supervision, as well as multiple voters being disenfranchised simply for casting their votes in person,” said Matt Morgan, President of the Trump 2020 team. “We will not stop fighting for fairness and honesty in our democratic process and guarantee that all Americans will accept the outcome of a free and equal election.”

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The suit is brought against Secretary Boockvar and the Election Boards of the following seven counties: Allegheny, Middle, Chester, Delaware, Philadelphia, Montgomery, and Northampton.

Meanwhile, Lindsey Graham, South Carolina’s pro-life Republican senator, encourages Republicans to stick up for President Donald Trump to ensure that the voting results matter only by statute and are free from fraud.

“This is a disputed race, the media doesn’t determine who will become president. If you’d never see a Republican president forever, we’re going to discount them, “said Sen. Lindsey Graham to host Maria Bartiromo on” Sunday Morning Futures.

“President Trump shouldn’t admit that,” Graham said. “These machines … don’t pass the scent test. We can’t let America rule the media.

A pro-life congressman will lead President Donald Trump’s recounting efforts in Georgia to ensure that the voting results are free from bribery and other issues. Georgia is one of the countries in which credible reports of alleged voting fraud and fraudulent counting of votes have surfaced, possibly inflating the totals for pro-abortion nominee Joe Biden.

Congressman Doug Collins will lead the campaign’s recount team in Georgia, where the recount will begin as soon as the recount is done.

“We are worried about the lack of transparency in the tabulation process , especially given the reports of anomalies and illegal harvesting of ballots in Georgia,” said Matt Morgan, General Counsel for Trump 2020. “In order for Americans to have full trust and confidence in our votes, every valid vote must be counted and every illegitimate or fake vote must be omitted. We look forward to ensuring that our elections are safe and stable, just as we look forward to President Trump winning Georgia.

Collins said that he would try tirelessly to guarantee that only legal votes are counted.

“Republicans agree that any registered elector should be allowed to vote legally and be counted,” said Rep. Collins. “In the coming recount, we are sure that we can find proof of wrongly harvested ballots and other anomalies that will show that President Trump won Georgia equally again on his way to re-election as President. Georgians want a free and transparent mechanism, and they’re going to get one.

In a recent speech, President Donald Trump states that he will not stop fighting to find a just and open conclusion to the presidential election because he ants to ensure that the voting system is free from fraud. His comment came as more votes in Georgia and Pennsylvania gave Biden the lead, but Trump’s backers remain worried about alleged bribery and illegal ballots.

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“We agree that the American people deserve absolute accountability in the counting of ballots and in the certification of polls and that this is no longer a single election. It’s for the legitimacy of our whole electoral process, “he said.

Trump added: “From the start, we have said that all valid ballots must be counted and that all illegitimate ballots should not be counted, and still, at every turn, we have met with the Democrats’ opposition to this fundamental premise. We will follow this effort in every part of the law and ensure that the American people have trust in our democracy. I will never give up fighting for you and for our country.

Meanwhile, Georgia’s Secretary of State has declared that the battlefield will hold a recount after extra vote counting has apparently revealed that pro-abortion Joe Biden has eclipsed President Donald Trump. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger told reporters on Friday that the state is expected to recount the slight margin between the two.

“This mechanism is and will remain open and available to monitors,” said Raffensberger. “The final count in Georgia at this stage has immense consequences for the nation as a whole.”

Candidates must vote within half a percentage point of each other to be recounted according to state law, although this seems probable. Approximately 5,500 votes need to be counted.

The liberal media suggested that pro-abortion nominee Joe Biden secured the presidential election after a further vote in Pennsylvania and Georgia allegedly gave him enough votes to carry both states and gain a majority in the electoral college.

But the Trump campaign has released a statement that the election is not over.

“The election is not over. Joe Biden ‘s incorrect projection as winner is based on returns in four states that are far from final, “said Matt Morgan, Trump’s 2020 campaign general counsel to in a statement.

Morgan claims the campaign takes the assertion on the grounds of the audits that will take place in several swing states and the judicial threats that will take place on the basis of charges of bribery, the counting of fraudulent votes and the barring of legal voting monitors from monitoring the process.

“Georgia is going for a recount, where we are sure that we will discover incorrectly harvested votes, and that President Trump will eventually win. There have been several irregularities in Pennsylvania, including the fact that election authorities are blocking our volunteer legal observers from providing meaningful access to ballot counting sites. We have won in court over our challenge, but have been robbed of precious time and refused the openness that we are entitled to under state law, “he said.

“There seem to be thousands of voters in Nevada who mistakenly cast postal ballots. Finally, the President is in the process of capturing Arizona, amid the reckless and erroneous ‘calling’ of the state for Biden by Fox News and the Associated Press. Biden depends on these states for his phonetic claim to the White House, but after the race is over, President Trump will be re-elected, “he said.

Trump’s campaign launched a federal complaint after Pennsylvania election authorities stopped his lawyers and employees from following a state court order authorising them to watch the Philadelphia vote counting process.

Chaos erupted yesterday in Philadelphia County, where the election headquarters declined to allow Trump’s campaign officials to observe the vote counting operation amid a court order from the state court ordering them to stand 6 feet away from election staff tabulating votes in order to track possible irregularities.

Earlier in the day, in a major win for President Donald Trump’s campaign, the Pennsylvania Court of Appeals ruled that Trump’s campaign will track the count of votes in the disputed swing state. Trump’s campaign monitors had been driven away in Philadelphia sometimes as much as 100 feet away, where they were unable to accurately observe the honesty and precision of the count.

But after the Democratic City Attorney declined to allow the campaign to adequately track the operation, Trump’s campaign has now filed a complaint with the federal court.

President Donald Trump’s campaign launched a complaint in the state of Michigan after he said election authorities stopped his officials from watching the polling counting process. The campaign aims to maintain the fairness of the voting tabulation in the main swing state that is one of many that will decide the result of the race.

The announcement came after the Trump campaign has stated that they would order a recount of the ballots in Wisconsin.

Trump has ruled as a pro-life president, while Biden advocates on-demand abortion funded at the expense of taxpayers.

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