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SD Gov. Kristi Noem Schools Stephanopoulos As he says ‘no signs of wrongdoing’



SD Gov. Kristi Noem Schools Stephanopoulos As he says 'no signs of wrongdoing'
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George Stephanopoulos made his name with the Clinton White House in the 1990s.

A quarter-century later, he manages Democratic Messaging at ABC News, desperately seeking to persuade Americans that the 2020 election is over and done.

Kristi Noem has a very different notion.

The South Dakota governor, a Republican who loved President Donald Trump‘s followers nationally by declining to appeal to the cowards of the coronavirus epidemic, took ABC’s “This Week” Sunday to spar with Stephanopoulos about the status of the 2020 election.

To begin with, Noem referenced the contested election of 2000, when Democrat Al Gore conceded the race, then revoked his concession, then took the nation through more than a month of confusion, as his team of election lawyers attempted to reverse the outcome of the Florida vote.

Why she wondered, is Trump not given the same kind of courtesy – along with more than 70 million Americans who voted to retain him in the White House instead of entrusting the government to a misguided, crooked septuagenarian who has difficulty recalling what office he was running for?

“What I think is going on here, George, is that it’s all premature. This is an early talk since we haven’t finished counting ballots, “Noem said. “There are states that have not been named, and Al Gore was granted his day in court back in 2000. We’re supposed to give President Trump his day in court.

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Check out the whole interview here. Noem’s opening except against the New York governor. Andrew Cuomo alone is worth a watch.

On the issue of the 2020 election, Noem said that it is basically time to get the campaign underway – the notion that Democrats and mass media are obviously uninterested in, considering their eagerness to portray the outcome as a fait accompli in the favour of former Vice President Joe Biden.

“Election Day has to be equal, truthful, and open, and we need to be confident that we have an honest election before we know who will be in the White House for the next four years,” she said.

Stephanopoulos – talking like the Democratic National Committee he’s in the center of the country – protested that there was no proof of “widespread fraud.”

(Beware of Democrats carrying adjectives. The simple “fraud” is not sufficient enough. It must be “widespread.” And it would be a freezing day down before Stephanopoulos or some other Democrat acknowledges that any “widespread” fraud is enough to kill a Democrat running for office.)

Speaking calmly, and at times straight through Stephanopoulos’s protests, Noem made arguments unfamiliar to most Americans who rely on Stephanopoulos and his fellow travelers in mass media for their knowledge – such as corrupt machines in Michigan that unspeakably shifted votes from one party to another, or adamant dead Democrats casting votes in Pennsylvania.

“People have signed official papers, affidavits, saying that they have witnessed criminal activities. That’s why we need to have this conversation in court, “she said.

“We had machine bugs that converted Republican votes to Democratic voters,” she said. “You’re looking in Pennsylvania. Dead citizens have voted in Pennsylvania.

“George, I don’t know how common this is. I don’t know whether the outcome of the referendum will change. So why is everybody so afraid to have a fair election and to find out?

“We gave Al Gore 37 days to run the process before we determined who would be president. Why can we not afford the same attention to the 70.6 million Americans who voted for President Trump? For Stephanopoulos and other mass media leftists, of course, the explanation is simple: Al Gore is a Democrat and Trump is a Republican.

The views of Trump’s 70 million supporters should thus be ignored safely. With a condescension that would have been deemed “mansplaining” if he had been a conservative journalist with the Democratic party, Stephanopoulos rattled off the list of states and the gaps between the parties before asking Noem again to justify why the race should not be finished.

“All I’m asking for, George, is we’re not going to divide this country,” Noem said.

“If you break the structure by which we elect our presidents, you’re going to break America forever.” A fair-minded analyst might think that breaking America forever has been the left’s target for decades.

It’s out in the open now in the form of “usually orderly protests” in the streets that leave a trail of smashed glass and burned-out houses.

It is in the open in the nation’s capital, where the Democratic Party has made no secret of its intentions to continue and consolidate its grip on power by extending the Supreme Court with folding “justices” and bringing an end to the Senate filibuster, which is putting an end to radical legislation.

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Do you think the Democrats are scared of what could be revealed in the 2020 presidential election?

Noem and every other American is willing to see it.

“This is not just about this election,” Noem said.

“This is about every election in the future, and the fact that the American people, the day-to-day people who get up and work hard, who are hurting from this pandemic, have sadly lost family members, deserve at least to know that America is still functioning and that we care about getting things right.” Looking like an even worse sap than normal, Stephanopoulos finished the interview with no grace and less skill, but he had no response for Noem.

The only reaction that liberals know is “shut up” when it comes to actual problems.

Social media giants Facebook and Twitter silenced charges of corruption against Biden prior to the election.

The TV news giants have done even worse. For corrupt “journalists” like Stephanopoulos, censorship is often the only kind of contact they know.

It doesn’t work too well because there’s time to ponder – that’s what the Democrats are scared of.

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