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Trump’s making Dramatic Gains in AZ, 50% Away from Biden as Count Continues



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Although most existing media outlets have named Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 presidential election, a sleeper tale is unfolding in Arizona as President Donald Trump is half a percent away from his Democratic opponent.

The Associated Press reported on Saturday that Biden was the winner of the election with an Electoral College number of 290, compared to 214 for Trump.

This count includes the 11 votes cast by Arizona Electoral College, along with the outcomes of other disputed elections in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Nevada.

Trump’s campaign insisted that the condition of the Grand Canyon must eventually go to the president after all the ballots are counted.

Last week, Biden had a nearly 93,000-vote lead over Trump, but as of Monday morning, the former vice president’s edge shrank to just 16,985 votes or 49.5 percent over Trump’s 49 percent.

Garrett Archer of Phoenix ABC affiliate KNXV-TV tweeted on Sunday that the president had won 64 percent of the vote from Pinal and Apache counties that day.

Trump has a convenient Pinal County advantage in the overall count, while Biden has a good lead-in Apache County.

According to Archer’s Monday morning post, there are nearly 77,000 votes remaining in Arizona.

If the president had to take 64 percent of those remaining ballots, or anything similar to that, he will draw about 4,500 votes ahead of Biden.

Of course, that’s a major “if,” but it’s always conceivable.

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MSNBC National Political Reporter Steve Kornacki explained last week that there are three so-called “buckets” that make up Arizona’s ballot count.

Next came the early elections, with Biden leaping to a 10-point lead over Trump.

Then came the votes cast on Election Day, which was carried by the President by 26 percentage points, Kornacki said.

The counties were in the midst of counting a third set, composed mostly of ballots dropped at polling stations on election day or early ballots that had arrived in the days immediately preceding it, which had become a theme for Trump in the state.

If Arizona were to go to the President, it wouldn’t earn him the Electoral College he wants or refuse Biden the victory if all aspects remain the same — but it might be the beginning of a change in the race.

Biden’s count will slip from 290 down to 279, while Trump’s would go to 232, given that Alaska and North Carolina, where he leads, are eventually called upon to do so.

If each of the disputed states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania were to withdraw from Biden’s winning column following a recount or court battle, the former vice president will no longer have the 270 votes of the Electoral College needed to win.

In The Western Journal’s Op-Ed, former Bill Clinton campaign guru Dick Morris pointed out Trump’s road to victory from there, which caught the talk radio host Mark Levin ‘s eye.

Georgia is one of the countries expected to be going for a recount, which Morris claims would turn out in Trump’s favour, given the invalid absentee and other votes that will be found.

He also sees a recanting occurring in Wisconsin that will also reveal invalid ballots and potentially turn the state around.

Then it all comes down to Pennsylvania, where Trump continues to have his toughest legal challenges.

On Friday, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito directed all Pennsylvania counties to protect any ballots that had arrived after 8 p.m. On the night of the election.

The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania ignored Keystone State’s electoral law by enabling ballots collected before Friday to be counted, but Trump and the Republican Party of Pennsylvania appealed to the U.S. The Supreme Court got its decision reversed.

SCOTUS rejected a motion to expedite the appeal in a 4-4 decision prior to the election, with Chief Justice John Roberts sided with the liberal wing of the court; however, the judges did not comment on the merits of the case.

Do you think that Trump will eventually win the 2020 election?

With Amy Coney Barrett now in court, such a decision could go in favour of the Republicans, tossing away late-coming absentee ballots. Absentees appeared strongly to Biden.

Trump’s campaign frequently pursues other legal threats, including the rejection of Republican monitors to the Philadelphia polling centre.

Then there’s the possibly ongoing drama in Michigan, where the county switched from Biden to Trump after a technical glitch had been discovered.

The same device is used by Dominion Voting Systems in the majority of Michigan counties as well as in other swing states.

Georgia also encountered an election day “glitch” in its Dominion Voting Processes in Spalding and Morgan counties, all of which were carried by Trump.

Politico claimed that the glitch was triggered by a company downloading an upgrade to their voting machines the night before.

Top election cyber experts told The Western Journal that voting information programmes can be hacked and reprogrammed to distort voting figures.

One feature all electronic voting systems have in common is a portable drive or memory card that engages in two-way contact with the database when the results of each voting machine are submitted.

According to these researchers, the only way to check the integrity of the vote is to perform spontaneous, risk-limiting audits of voting returns, regardless of how large the margin of victory is.

Such audits shall be carried out by hand-by-hand recounting of ballots in different places across the state until a preset statistical measure of confidence is met when the reviewers are able to conclude the computer-based election outcomes that represent the actual votes cast.

Too much needs to be done until we can check who was the winner of the 2020 presidential election.

It would definitely be a powerful turn of events if the re-emergence of Trump’s loss ashes were to begin in Phoenix.

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