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VIDEO: McConnell Would Not Recognize Biden As Victor, claims Trump ‘Is 100 Percent Within His Rights’ To Litigate Findings



VIDEO: McConnell Would Not Recognize Biden As Victor, claims Trump 'Is 100 Percent Within His Rights' To Litigate Findings
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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell defended President Trump’s right to face legal challenges in frontline states where anomalies in the polling and counting of votes have been recorded, recalling that Democrats have sought to contest the outcome of any Republican presidential win in the last 20 years. The Senate Majority Leader did not follow the mass media instructions to identify Joe Biden as President-elect.

McConnell (R-TN) observed that voters opposed the left-wing militant policies and “radicalism” of Congressional Democrats, maintaining the Republican majority in the Senate, and lowering the Democratic leadership in the House of Representatives.

“Then there’s the presidential race,” McConnell said. “Obviously, no states have yet ratified their election results, we have one or two states that are currently on track to recount, and I suspect that the President may have legal proceedings pending in at least five states.”

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“The fundamental idea here is not complex. In the United States of America, all valid ballots must be counted, all illegitimate ballots must not be counted, the procedure must be open or detectable by all parties, and the courts are here to deal with issues, “said the Senate Majority Leader.

McConnell has made no note of mass media’s fawning celebrations of victory for the Biden movement, or of the seemingly premature celebration of the Democratic Party.

“President Trump has a 100 per cent right to look at reports of fraud and to weigh up his legal options,” McConnell said, noting that Democrats challenged the outcome of the 2004, 2008 and 2016 elections after they had been lost.

“The President has every right to look at the charges and call for recounts under the statute and, in particular, the Constitution does not owe the rich media corporations any role in this process,” concluded the Tennessee Senator. “Projections and statements from the press have no veto authority on the civil rights of every person, including the president.”

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