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VIDEO: Soundcloud Rapper makes TikTok video where it appears to smash Trump’s balloons



VIDEO: Soundcloud Rapper makes TikTok video where it appears to smash Trump's balloons

Dale Harrison, a Black Lives Matter protester and Soundcloud musician living in Colorado, uploaded a video of him tabulating ballots, then glaringly cracking up and setting aside a ballot for President Donald Trump.

In the video, Harrison says, “So I’m working on the bailout vote, which means we bring your votes in and we split them. So, if any of these votes happen to say, like this one, “while keeping up what seems to be a simple vote for President Trump. Harrison is going to rip the document in two.

Since then, the video has been deleted from TikTok. It is uncertain if Harrison erased the footage, or if TikTok’s moderators removed it for violating its policies.

Harrison is an aspiring rapper user living in Colorado, as shown by a variety of signs on his public TikTok page, and a YouTube channel connected to his TikTok account. In some of his public TikTok videos, Harrison praises the media ‘s decision to schedule an election for Joe Biden.

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“I did this video in my Amazon outfit cause y’all know I’m always joking,” wrote Harrison. “And it’s getting crazyyyy views!”


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