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CENSORSHIP: Facebook Bans Free Speech Social Network Founder, ‘Dangerous’ Like ‘Terrorism Organization’



CENSORSHIP: Facebook Bans Free Speech Social Network Founder, 'Dangerous' Like 'Terrorism Organization'
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Facebook has prohibited the personal account and public profile of Mark Sidney, co-founder of Spreely, a modern social media site that protects the First Amendment rights of its members to the most degree, arguing that the tech startup founder is a “dangerous man” or member of a dangerous group, such as the Islamic State.

Sidney told RecentlyHeard that Facebook, without warning or immediate explanation, had terminated its user account and public Facebook profile the day after it tried to search the Facebook page. His effort to check his profile was unsuccessful immediately, and his Facebook account was deleted the next morning.

Sidney, who co-founded the pro-free speech social network, Spreely, suggested that Facebook’s ban on the head of a rival social network is a “curious” coincidence that appears to stretch credulity.

“It’s really interesting that, when alternative social networks become the most downloaded apps and Spreely is beginning to see exponential organic growth, possibly due to expanded censorship on Facebook and Twitter,” Sidney said, “Facebook tries to ban me now.”

Sidney also clarified that, before launching Spreely due to concerns of possible tech censorship, he created a pro-Trump Facebook group, Donald Trump Is Our President, a page that soon became the most popular site. Although both Sidney’s personal Facebook account and his official Facebook profile have been blocked, the pro-Trump page remains on the site.

“Before I co-founded Spreely, I started what became the biggest pro-Trump Facebook page, Donald Trump is our president, in the history of the site,” Sidney said. “By banning me, but not the website, Facebook is keeping the door open for users to assume that a very vocal Trump supporter has left the president.”

He added that even Facebook’s poorly specified guidelines on “dangerous people and groups” strained Facebook’s group values, and mainly used his official Facebook profile to share memes and political cartoons that favor President Trump.

“CENSORSHIP: Spreely co-founder Mark Sidney was barred from Facebook this weekend in the middle of the night.

“Considering every post, to my eyes, was a meme in favour of President Trump, my subsequent suspension, and Facebook’s declaration that I am a ‘dangerous person or organization,’ makes one wonder if Facebook finds support for President Trump to be the same as support for jihad, trafficking in human beings or other bad actions.”

According to an email contact between a verified Facebook delegate and Sidney, the site accused him of involvement in terrorist activity, organized hatred, mass murder, trafficking in human beings, organized violence, or illegal activity.

Sidney stated to National File that he was seeking legal options on the grounds of Facebook’s decision to mark him a “dangerous person or organization.”

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