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Obama’s CIA Boss Urges Coup Against President Trump So He’s Not “Declassifying Anything”



Obama's CIA Boss Urges Coup Against President Trump So He's Not "Declassifying Anything"
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Barack Obama’s former CIA boss, John Brennan, has called for members of President Trump‘s cabinet to expel POTUS from office to keep him from declassifying classified information.

Days earlier, Donald Trump Jr. called on his father to open the nuclear option: “DECLASSIFY ALL!!! “He wrote on Twitter in all the caps. “We can’t let the bad actors get away with that.”

Others have suggested the same thing: “Here is something positive that Trump should do before leaving office at noon on January 20: he should order — demand, insist — that all classified information and other documents pertaining to the origin of the Russian / electoral probe be declassified and released to the public immediately — unredeemed,” wrote columnist Sheldon Richman. reports: It didn’t take long for this distinct probability to catch the interest of both the news media and the intelligence community, who had been at odds (or even ‘war’) with the president for too long. Specifically reacting to the ouster of Secretary of Defense Mark Esper on Monday, former Chief Espion of the CIA under the Obama administration, John Brennan, effectively called for a palace coup against Trump before 20 January to guarantee that he did not declassify something sensitive or revealing:

Pres. Pres. Trump’s “like a cornered cat … he’s going to lash back, and the reality that he has the strength of the presidency in his possession is pretty alarming.”

In an extraordinary interview with CNN on Monday night, Brennan – himself accountable for stoking Russiagate’s now largely discredited allegations from the outset of Trump’s presidency – firmly encouraged Vice President Mike Pence to take power.

He said that considering the fact that Biden was planning to travel to the White House on an inaugural day, only two months out, Trump was at this stage threatening national security:

“I am really worried about what he could do in his remaining 70 days in office,” said Brennan on Monday’s edition of Cuomo Prime Time. “Is he trying to do any sort of military action? Is it going to reveal some sort of information that might potentially compromise our national security interests? Brennan pushed this further and added details as to what the former long-standing intelligence chief hopes to see happen: “If Vice President Pence and the cabinet have an ounce of fortitude and loyalty, I believe they would strongly consider applying for the 25th amendment and driving out Donald Trump because he’s just so volatile now,” he added.

Referring to what seems to be a post-election purge and exodus following numerous federal agency top officials being forced out or resigned after last Thursday, even though ballots were counted, Brennan indicated that this is part of Trump’s plot to undermine national security.

“If Mark Esper gets put back so he doesn’t listen to Donald Trump, carrying out certain directives, who knows what his replacement is, then this acting Secretary Chris Miller is going to do if Donald Trump does issue some sort of order that is very contradictory to what I think our national security priorities ought to be,” Brennan said.

But luckily, few currently in control are likely to listen to John Brennan, considering that his sour grapes and his frustration at Trump have evidently been personal for a long time.

The Pentagon has officially verified the almost complete decapitation of civilian leadership in the last 24 hours.

Who can forget this episode, after all?

John O. Brennan, head of the C.I.A. under President Barack Obama, struck President Trump on Thursday for revoking his security clearance, calling the president’s assurances of “no interference” with Russia to manipulate the 2016 election “hogwash” and claiming that the Chief Commander was seeking to silence those who dared to criticize him.

So, given that Brennan is now publicly and practically pushing for an unconstitutional takeover of the sitting president of the United States, Trump now seems to be entirely vindicated having removed his security clearance in the first place.

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