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Zippers by Specific Length for DIY Specialists and Tailors



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If you have long been using or dealing with zippers, you surely know the importance of choosing the right zipper for whatever sewing project you have in mind. After all, zippers are not just mere accessories as they can also affect the final product depending on how you choose to use them. 

What to Consider When Choosing Zipper Lengths?

Most zippers are sized in lengths with 2-inch intervals. The length indicated on the zipper’s packaging refers to the length of the zipper itself and not necessarily the length of the cloth tape where the zipper is attached to. For instance, if you are planning to design a bag, you need an opening that is longer than the length of the zipper to give way for the required space at the zipper’s tips. 

If you check the package of your new zippers or the zippers that you want to replace, one thing you will notice is that the length of the replacement zipper is not exactly the same. Your best option here is to shorten a non-separating zipper so you can use it accordingly. 

To shorten a separating zipper, turn over the top of the zipper then trim in the area for seam allowance. The separating zipper’s bottom part should be kept intact to let it close and open as needed. 

Take a look at the common types of zippers to know more about their differences. 

All Purpose Zippers 

The all purpose zippers are the most widely available and popular zippers. These zippers feature tiny teeth and are fairly lightweight. There is a lock at the tip that holds the zipper tape together to prevent the ends from coming apart. 

Invisible Zippers 

An invisible zipper is a zipper that features extremely fine teeth. This kind of zipper is sewn to the garment in such a way that it will be unseen and tucked below the seam. The only visible part is the pull tab that is smaller and less obtrusive compared to those found on other types of zippers. 

Jeans Zippers

Jean zippers have brass teeth and low profile slider to cover the flap for laying smoothly. These zippers are durable and strong to match the durability of the jeans as well as the stress that zippers receive when the jeans are worn tight to the skin. 

Separating Zippers 

Separating zippers open at the bottom to let both sides of the zipper to separate or come apart similar to jacket zippers. The specific kind of separating zipper that you need depends on the specific garment where you plan to use it. Teeth length and weight are the primary considerations. You can also find these zippers in reversible types. 

Specialty Zippers

Long sleeping zippers are used on sleeping bags. These zippers for sleeping bags are often black in color and are 100 inches long. Some other types of specialty zippers are zippers used on handbags or purses, doll clothes, coveralls, and others. These types of zippers are not available at department stores. Instead, specialty zippers are often available in fabric stores. There are instances when they are readily available but most of the time, you might need to place special orders to get them. 

DIY specialists and tailors can now order zippers by specific length by visiting

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