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5 Powerful TikTok Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Business



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In 2016 the former was taken over by Bytedance, a Chinese company, and turned it into one of the world’s most downloaded and profit-making apps. Now it is known as TikTok, a combination of vines, Twitter, and Instagram. It outstrips the total download record of Instagram in the first half of its release. 

TikTok is the best marketing platform among the marketers for its effective techniques based on contents and guaranteed for a brand’s significant development with minimum subsidize. In this app, users can create short 15 seconds videos, dub smashes, and many other things on social media. It has become the fastest trending free app very fastly. The essential feature in the TikTok that was used by many users is the Lip syncing feature. 

TikTok marketing strategy for business

Many applications developed nowadays are helpful for many business marketers and users. From the marketer’s side, if they want to reach their target audience, they will promote different channels and get their related audiences. It is an excellent platform for promoting their brands. If you want great reach with low investment, you can buy TikTok fans to drive more engagement.. Here are the Five powerful TikTok marketing strategies to promote your brand. 

  • Infeed native ads

TikTok-infeed native ads are the tools to see your ads on a full screen like Instagram stories. The ad itself contains the link to the website and order button. When you click, it will directly land into that website. You can also skip these ads. They have multiple options to design the ad. Click-through rates can track its usage, a total number of views, viewing time of videos, and the number of engagements received. 

  • Hashtag challenge ads

These ads will give particular banner ads where users will move to a specific page with the challenge rules. These ads are displayed on the discover page and based on the user content. They calculated with insights that include banner clicks, views, number of engagements, and trending slots. They mainly target particular customers, and there are more possible chances for conversions

  • Brand takeover ads

In this ad, images, GIF, and short videos are used as precursors of particular brands landing page or hashtag challenge page. They are category-based, and one brand will take a specific category on that day. Here reaches are calculated by click rates, impressions, and particular reaches. These ads are beneficial because they are effortless and easily accessible and significantly affect branding. 

  • Use hashtag challenges

One of the most popular strategies among the users in TikTok was hashtags. These campaigns are mostly non- sponsored and with the perfect content. Hashtag challenges conducted by influencers will help for their substantial reach. Also, it accumulates large organic engagements.

  • Participation of users

User participation is the most attainable and engaging type of advertisement in the TikTok marketing strategy. This content is used to promote particular brands with the help of many tools. It encourages users to post content and videos by themselves, tagging the trending topics and brands. For example, a Restaurant in China created ad work, and they added the DIY option to its menu. From that, users can select their choice and make a video of how they prepare the food. It will encourage more than 15000 users, and those videos get more than Ira 50million views on an app. 

TikTok marketing strategies have popularity, increase the chance to go viral, and reach capabilities. They are developing each day passing by, so this is the best platform for marketers who want to grow and develop their business and promote their brands. 

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Anne Joseph is a passionate social media writer and working at Bouxtie. She has strong strategy skills in developing and managing social media campaigns. She loves to make new connections and enjoy the opportunity to work with social media influencers.

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