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ARIZONA: Democratic Secretary of State, Who Manages Campaigns, branded Trump’s Backers ‘Neo-Nazis’



Arizona Trump Supporters Nazis
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Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, who is charged with leading the state’s voting and vote counting operation on the frontline, railed against President Trump and his allies in a newly resurfaced tweet.

In a tweet originally released in 2017, Hobbs went a step deeper than defeated presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s notorious “deplorable” remark when she called about half of America’s electorate “neo-Nazis.”

“[Donald Trump has made it painfully clear that he’s more interested in joining his neo-Nazi base than being a POTUS to all Americans,” she tweeted.

The Tweet appeared to go almost unnoticed at the moment, only lately re-emerging as the attention of the political community honed on Arizona, where the recall of the presidential election seemed almost inevitable.

“Anyone thinks we could maybe have a fair shake in front of this activist?” “Requested Donald Trump Jr., who retweeted a screenshot of the post to his website.

As previously stated by RecentlyHeard, allegations of electoral fraud and manipulation in favour of Joe Biden are common in Arizona.

On Election Day, residents in the predominantly Republican parts of Maricopa County claimed that Sharpies – as opposed to ballpoint pens – had been distributed by poll workers, prompting instructions from election officials that the use of Sharpies contributed to the spoiling of paper ballots. According to the voters, on-site polling machines refused the ballot en masse, and the election workers were stopped from fixing the issue with the proper ink pens.

Days later, a number of ballot printers and voting machines were discovered discarded in the Maricopa County Shopping Mall.

In recent days, Karen Fann, President of Arizona’s State Senate, called on Hobbs to approve an impartial review of the voting machines of the state. A call that Hobbs instantly fired down.

“It is patently unwise to say that, considering the presence of zero reliable evidence of any impropriety or systematic irregularities, election officials nevertheless have a duty to prove negative,” Hobbs wrote in response.

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